World of Horror: Beginner Tips and Tricks

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Playing World of Horror

When starting out in World of Horror, it’s easy to feel lost and confused. While the combat tutorial provides a basic understanding, much of the game requires learning through experience. If you’re looking for beginner tips and tricks to help you succeed in World of Horror, read on!

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Smart Approaches to Combat

During combat, it’s important to think strategically rather than simply focusing on dealing damage. Constantly using offensive actions will deplete your stamina quickly. Sometimes, it’s best to run away from an enemy encounter, even if it costs you some Doom.

Instead of always attacking, consider when it’s better to be defensive before launching a strong attack. If you can defeat the enemy in one turn, go for it.

It’s worth noting that certain enemies, such as ghosts, are immune to offensive actions. In these cases, combat rituals can be useful (check our guide for more information).

Thoroughly Investigate

When investigating mysteries, the game will guide you by highlighting areas that require exploration. Although you can rush through the game and focus solely on the main path, it’s recommended to explore other areas before proceeding.

Exploring can lead to successful skill checks, but be aware that you can also fail some of them. If your Doom is rising too quickly, it may be time to continue the investigation. Keep in mind that mysteries have multiple endings, so your choices during investigations matter.

How To Heal Yourself World Of Horror Bath
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Preparations for Encounters

Before engaging in an enemy encounter, it’s essential to prepare yourself. Running into battles without the proper weapons or stats can result in your demise. Take advantage of ways to raise your Stamina and Reason, as these essentially heal you.

Visit the shop to purchase weapons or other helpful items. If you have an injury from a previous encounter, consider seeing a doctor. The shop also offers random discounted items that can prove useful.

Plan for the Long-Term

If you’re playing the ‘Extra Curricular’ mode, where you solve five mysteries in a single playthrough, it’s important to plan ahead. Monitor your Doom level closely to avoid running out of time and resources.

Always make sure to heal yourself before starting a new mystery and prepare accordingly. However, be cautious about recklessly spending Doom, as it can lead to a game over. Keep an eye on the Doom clock and ensure it doesn’t skyrocket too early in the game.

World Of Horror Beginner Tips And Tricks Skill Checks
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Cautious Approach to Skill Checks

Skill checks can lead to good outcomes or negative consequences. Once you understand how they work, you can choose to ignore skill checks that are likely to result in failure. The outcome is determined by your character’s stats and a roll of the dice.

To gauge whether a skill check is favorable, check its Threat Level. This indicates the danger level of the location you’re heading to, with varying modifiers:

  • Safe: No modifiers.
  • Low: -1 Modifier.
  • Dangerous: -1 modifier, increased stamina/reason penalties.
  • Doomed: -2 modifier to skill checks, increased stamina/reason penalties, +1 Doom penalty.

Keep in mind that the game’s difficulty level also affects the Threat Levels. Knowing what to expect can help you avoid unwinnable situations.

World of Horror is available on Steam.