2D Soulslike sequel Salt and Sacrifice is coming to Switch and Steam next month

Salt and Sacrifice: The Next Installment in the Soulslike Series is Coming to Switch and Steam

Ska Studios’ highly acclaimed 2D Soulslike game, Salt and Sanctuary, is getting a sequel called Salt and Sacrifice. After a period of exclusivity on the Epic Games Store, the game will be available on Switch and Steam starting November 7th.

Continuing the dark and atmospheric side-scrolling exploration and combat, Salt and Sacrifice introduces several new features to enhance the gameplay experience. Players will take on the role of a Marked Inquisitor as they traverse the vast world of Alterstone Kingdom, venturing through abandoned villages, dungeons, tomb-temples, and other notable landmarks.

One of the notable additions in Salt and Sacrifice is the expanded class selection, which includes Highblade, Paladin, Assassin, Cleric, Dualist, Fighter, Ranger, and Sage. Additionally, players can engage in Mage hunts, which involve multi-part quests that culminate in challenging boss battles. The game also includes improved PvP mechanics, offering new moves and varying objectives based on the player’s chosen sect. For those who prefer cooperative play, there is a two-player online and offline co-op mode.

Salt and Sacrifice launches for Steam and Switch on 7th November.

In a review by Eurogamer contributor Hirun Cryer, Salt and Sacrifice was praised for its intricate combat system and extensive customization options. However, the storytelling and narrative aspects fell short of expectations.

Despite some criticism, Salt and Sacrifice is still a worthwhile experience for fans of Soulslike games. Make sure to mark your calendars for November 7th when the game releases on Switch and Steam.