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Best Progression Route for Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen is a sandbox game with a non-linear progression line. Players can follow a different boss order than the rest of the community. While the sequence is up to the users, there are specific routes that are more optimal and can give the best playthrough experience. This guide will show different paths that lead to the best possible outcomes.

Progression Route for Lords of the Fallen

Players can choose their progression depending on what they feel like doing. However, if you want to avoid getting stuck on certain bosses or challenges, there is a specific path you can choose to follow. Here is the best progression route for Lords of the Fallen:

  1. Defiled Sepulchre
  2. Abandoned Redcopse
    • Boss Fight: Holy Bulwark Otto
  3. Redcopse Village
    • Skyrest Bridge
      • Boss Fight: Pieta, She of the Blessed Renewal
    • Boss Fight: Scourged Sister Delyth
  4. Pilgrim’s Perch
    • Boss Fight: Gentle Gaverus, Mistress of Hounds
    • Boss Fight: The Congregator of Flesh
  5. Forsaken Fen
    • Optional: Mendacious Visage Boss Fight
    • Boss Fight: Hushed Saint Shuja
  6. Hamlet Fitzroy’s Gorge
    • Boss Fight: Crimson Rector Percieval
    • Optional Elevator to Return to Skyrest Bridge
    • Boss Fight: Ruiner
    • Boss Fight: The Lightreaper (Second)
  7. Lower Calrath
    • Boss Fight: Infernal Enchantress
    • Boss Fight: Spurned Progeny
  8. Upper Calrath Mining District
    • Boss Fight: Skinstealer
    • Optional: Bringer Trio Boss Fight (In Umbral)
  9. Revelation Depths
    • Boss Fight: The Unbroken Promise
    • Return to Sunless Skein and Use the Elevator to Upper Calrath
  10. Upper Calrath
    • Open Shortcut to Skyrest Bridge
  11. Fief of the Chill Curse (Through Redcopse Village)
    • Go to Redcopse Village Windmill Vestige and Open the Big Door Near It
    • Boss Fight: Kinrangr Guardian Folard
    • Optional: Griefbound Rowena Boss Fight
  12. Pilgrim’s Perch (Bell Room)
    • Boss Fight: The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity
    • Optional: Paladin’s Burden Boss Fight (In Umbral)
  13. Open Skyrest Bridge Shortcut from Path of Devotion Memorial Vestige Area
  14. Manse of the Hallowed Brothers
    • Optional: Abiding Defender Kyra / Abiding Defender Lirenne Boss Fight
  15. Tower of Penance
    • Boss Fight: Blessed Carrion Knight Sanisho
    • Boss Fight: Tancred, Master of Castigations (Reinhold the Immured)
  16. Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters
    • Boss Fight: Abbess Ursula
    • Boss Fight: Rapturous Huntress Lirenne
    • Boss Fight: Judge Cleric, The Radiant Sentinel
  17. Upper Calrath (Through Skyrest Bridge)
    • To Access Upper Calrath, Return to the Hub Area, Cross the Pieta Boss Fight Arena, and Head Upstairs to Find a Way Back to the Ruins Through the Shortcut You Unlocked Before
    • Boss Fight: The Lightreaper
    • Boss Fight: The Iron Wayfarer
  18. Bramis Castle
    • Boss Fight: Damarose The Marked
    • Boss Fight: The Sundered Monarch
    • Boss Fight: Adyr, the Bereft Exile

Best Gameplay Tips for Lords of the Fallen

Even if you know the best progression route, you will still need to plan and prepare ahead. There are many things to consider when playing Lords of the Fallen. Here are the best tips to make your playthrough as smooth and as optimal as possible:

Exploration and Resource Gathering

Exploration is the heart of Lords of the Fallen. It would help if you explored every nook and cranny of its dark world. Your diligence will be rewarded with valuable resources such as weapons, armor, and consumables. These items are essential for your survival and progress, so venture off the beaten path, peer into hidden nooks, and unlock the secrets in the game’s various areas. Your exploration is not just about collecting loot; it’s also about uncovering the game world’s lore.

Invest on Your Stats

Your character’s growth is tied to the experience points you earn by defeating enemies. Invest these points wisely to level up your character, improving attributes and unlocking new abilities. Your character’s development should synergize with your preferred playstyle. Melee combat enthusiasts can allocate points to strength, while spellcasters should channel attributes into magic. Tailoring your character’s growth will make battles more effective and enjoyable.

Enhance Combat Skills

Lords of the Fallen boasts a challenging combat system. Here are some crucial strategies for mastering it:

  • Study Your Enemies: Understanding enemy attack patterns is critical. Most foes telegraph their attacks with noticeable wind-ups. Learn to read these cues, which indicate when to block, parry, or dodge.
  • Patience is Key: Avoid recklessness in combat. Impulsive attacks often lead to defeat. Wait for openings and only attack when opportunities present themselves. Rushing in without a plan can result in unnecessary deaths.
  • Weapon Experimentation: The game offers various weapons. Experiment with different types to find the one that suits your style. Each weapon has unique properties and attack animations, so find what feels comfortable and practical.

Conquering Bosses

You will need to face many bosses in Lords of the Fallen. These encounters can be challenging, but you can complete them efficiently with the right approach. Here’s how:

  • Analyze Patterns: Take the time to study each boss’s attack patterns and weaknesses. Recognizing when to strike and when to defend is critical.
  • Exploit Weaknesses: Bosses often have openings after specific attacks. Use these moments to deal substantial damage. Recognizing these opportunities can make the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Valuable Rewards: Boss battles can yield substantial loot and progress the storyline. They’re not just challenges to overcome but significant milestones in your journey.

Explore Main Quest and Optional Content

While the main questline should be your primary focus, consider doing side quests and optional content. Exploring these additional storylines can grant extra XP and items, which can be helpful in your playthrough. They also contribute to the game’s lore and provide a more immersive experience, making it more interesting.

Upgrade Your Gear

You’ll acquire better weapons and armor as you progress through the game. Enhance your gear by utilizing the resources you’ve gathered during your exploration. Upgrading your equipment is essential, as it significantly improves your combat effectiveness and increases your chances of survival.

Save Regularly

Saving your progress is crucial in Lords of the Fallen. The game has saving areas scattered throughout the world. Regularly record your progress to avoid losing your hard-earned achievements to prevent losing your spoils.

Applying these tips while following the best progression route will help players create a more fun and smoother playthrough. However, you should feel accessible from the path. Feel free to deviate and try other things since you can always return for the things you might have missed.