How to beat Bulrush Express in Super Mario Bros Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Guide to Conquering Bulrush Express

If you’re facing difficulties in the earlier stages of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, specifically Bulrush Express, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our comprehensive guide on how to beat this challenging level.

Accessing Bulrush Express

To access the Bulrush Express stage, you’ll need to clear the Wigger Race Mountaineering! event first. Once you’ve done that, head north on the map at the next four-way intersection. This will lead you to Bulrush Express.

Stick with the Herd

In order to beat Bulrush Express, it’s crucial to stick with the herd of Bulrush enemies as they race ahead of the rising liquid. This will keep you safe and help you progress through the level.

Flowery Rewards

As you navigate the stage, you’ll come across various opportunities for rewards. Take note of the following:

  • A P-Switch hanging from the ceiling that, when hit, reveals a series of blue coins.
  • A Mushroom that drops from a red pipe, which can provide you with extra power.
  • Flower Coins that you can grab by jumping between enemies or taking risks on ledges.

Tackling the Explosive Passage

One of the most dangerous parts of the stage is the explosive passage. Follow these steps to navigate it safely:

  1. Ride the stampede on a leap into the air.
  2. Quickly jump onto the ledge to the right and break the nearest POW block to clear the passage.
  3. Continue running and hit the P-Switch along the ceiling at the far end of the passage.
  4. Jump back onto the Bulrush stampede and be prepared to dodge and jump enemies along the route.

The Climb for Rewards

As you near the end of the stage, you’ll encounter a climb with rewards waiting for you:

  • Ascend through a vertical chamber, hopping from ledge to ledge while avoiding the rising liquid and rushing Bulrush enemies.
  • At the top of the final ledge, grab the Wonder Seed.

Finally, enter the pipe to reach the last portion of the stage. Be cautious as you pass the snail clinging to a ledge, and either spring from its back to reach the top of the flagpole or wait for a clear path to run under it.

By following these strategies and tips, you’ll be able to conquer Bulrush Express in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Good luck!