Vampire Survivors’ latest update adds 6 new achievements, a bonus stage and more

Poncle’s Indie Roguelike “Vampire Survivors” Gets Exciting Snow-Themed Update

Poncle, the developer behind the captivating indie roguelike game Vampire Survivors, has just released a major update that brings exciting new content to the game.

The Snow-Themed Update

In line with the snowy season, patch 1.7.0, titled “Whiteout,” introduces a snow-themed update to Vampire Survivors. Players can expect a festive bonus stage and a new weapon called the Glass Fandango, which evolves into an ice-based weapon. Not only that, but a new playable character named She-Moon Eeta and a music track titled “Remedy in the Snow” are also included in the update. Completionists will have their hands full with six new achievements to unlock.

Embracing the Festive Spirit

Regarding the decision to introduce a snow theme in October, Luca Galante, the founder of Poncle, explained, “There’s always one thing that comes to mind when October comes around. Christmas, of course! It’s only two months until the big day. I hope this patch helps all our players get in the snowy festive spirit!”

Additionally, Poncle’s senior marketing manager, Geo Morgan, revealed that they have discovered two active players in Antarctica, which prompted them to release this update as a special nod to these fans. Morgan stated, “We also always try to listen to our fans from all over the globe and recently found out that we have two active players in Antarctica, actual true fact! This update is for you!”

Upcoming “Adventures” Feature

In the patch notes posted on Steam, Poncle provided an update on the highly anticipated “Adventures” feature for Vampire Survivors. This new feature will remix the base game’s content and add new flavor through stage progression and descriptions. It will also introduce new chapters for players to tackle. Each DLC release will include a special Adventure.

While the developers initially aimed to release the Adventures feature alongside the Whiteout update, it requires some additional development time. However, fans won’t have to wait too long, as Poncle stated, “If everything goes well, we should be able to deliver the Adventures patch on Steam in less than a month.”

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