Stephen Oyoung Is Just as Surprised by Mr. Negative’s Shockingly Big Role in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as We Are

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Exclusive Interview with Stephen Oyoung, Voice of Mr. Negative

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to not only review Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ahead of its release, but also sit down with Stephen Oyoung, the talented voice actor behind Martin Lee/Mr. Negative. During our conversation, we delved into the depths of his character and discussed what fans can expect from the highly anticipated sequel.

Stephen Oyoung’s Surprise at Mr. Negative’s Return

One aspect that fascinated me was Stephen Oyoung’s unexpected reprisal of the role of Martin Lee/Mr. Negative. He candidly expressed, “I thought Mr. Negative was an intro villain (and) I thought he was going to be a cameo (in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2). I literally thought they wanted me for a wanted poster only to find out that the scope of (Mr. Negative’s story) is huge. I was just as surprised as the fans.”

Without giving away any spoilers, both Oyoung and I were utterly taken aback by the significant role Martin Lee/Mr. Negative plays in the central storyline of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. While Kraven the Hunter and Venom take the spotlight as the primary antagonists, Martin Lee/Mr. Negative’s narrative takes an unexpectedly satisfying and crucial turn.

Oyoung mentioned, “there are dramatic, heartwrenching scenes between Peter, Miles, and Mr. Negative that are just incredible.” He eagerly awaits fans’ reactions to the unfolding story, as their expectations may shift due to the magnitude of the narrative.

Stephen Oyoung: Bringing Martial Arts to Martin Lee/Mr. Negative

Aside from the surprises awaiting players in Mr. Negative’s story, I was thoroughly impressed by Oyoung’s dedication to performing the character’s combat sequences through his own martial arts skills. With years of experience as a martial artist, Oyoung embraced the opportunity to bring Martin Lee/Mr. Negative’s combat to life.

Oyoung revealed, “One of the first things I shot was the fight between Miles and Mr. Negative.” With the assistance of the talented coordinators at Insomniac Games, Oyoung flawlessly executed all the sword fighting and action scenes himself, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the character. For Oyoung, the combination of martial arts motion capture and voice acting for Martin Lee/Mr. Negative felt like destiny.

Will Martin Lee/Mr. Negative Return in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3?

Image: PC Invasion

As our interview concluded, I couldn’t resist inquiring about the possibility of Martin Lee/Mr. Negative returning in Marvel’s Spider-Man 3. Oyoung hinted, “I have heard some ideas kicking around,” but admitted, “I haven’t gotten an email yet.”

The prospect of Martin Lee/Mr. Negative making a comeback in future Spider-Man games is something Oyoung would absolutely love to see, and I wholeheartedly agree. Whether it’s a live-action adaptation or voice acting in a Spider-Verse movie, having Oyoung involved would be a dream come true.

To wrap up, Oyoung expressed his gratitude to all the fans for their unwavering support and excitement. He eagerly anticipates their reactions to the “huge change (for Martine Lee/Mr. Negative) from the first game to the second game.”

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