Spiderman 2 Best Suit Tech Upgrades & Enhancements

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Suit Tech Upgrades: Enhancing Your Abilities

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 offers various Suit Tech upgrades that can bolster your Health, Damage, Focus, and Traversal stats. These upgrades are crucial for excelling in combat and effectively chasing down foes. However, choosing the best upgrades can be overwhelming. To help you make the right choices, our guide will provide valuable insights.

Before diving into the specific upgrades, it’s important to understand the relationship between the Focus and Health categories. You can learn more about this in our Healing Guide. Now, let’s explore the Best Suit Tech Upgrades in Spiderman 2.

Best Suit Tech Upgrades in Spiderman 2

Best Damage Upgrades

  • Floor is Lava: Successive Air Attacks increase in damage, up to 50% extra. Resets when landing.
    • Cost: x225 Tech Parts and x8 Rare Tech Parts
  • Ultimate Damage 2: Increase damage by 15% respectively. Base Damage is now 170%.
    • Cost: x225 Tech Parts and x18 Hero Tokens

These selected Suit Tech Upgrades are highly recommended for boosting your damage output in Spiderman 2. The Ultimate Damage upgrade will significantly increase your base damage, making it easier to defeat groups of enemies. Additionally, the Floor is Lava upgrade will enhance your airborne combat abilities, allowing you to take down enemies faster.

Best Traversal Upgrades

  • All Seeing: Reveal Tech Crates on the mini-map
    • Cost: x225 Tech Parts and x6 Hero Tokens
  • Ultimate Swing: Swing speed upgraded to the maximum
    • Cost: x240 Tech Parts and x10 Hero Tokens
  • Charged: Charge Jump and Slingshot Launch send you higher and further, respectively.
    • Cost: x205 Tech Parts and x5 City Tokens

For improved mobility in the city, these Suit Tech Upgrades are highly recommended. Not only will they increase your swinging and gliding speed, but they will also allow you to locate hidden Tech Crates on the mini-map.

Best Focus Upgrades

  • Double Focus: Add an additional Focus Bar. Heal more frequently, or use 2 Focus Bars to perform Finishers on Brute enemies.
    • Cost: x170 Tech Parts and x6 Rare Tech Parts
  • Healing Focus: Amount healed by using Focus is increased.
    • Cost: x230 Tech Parts and x10 City Tokens
  • Target Acquisition: Enemies detected with Scan (R3) are automatically tagged.
    • Cost: x205 Tech Parts and x4 City Tokens

For Focus upgrades, we recommend choosing the Double Focus, Healing Focus, and Target Acquisition enhancements. These upgrades provide additional Focus bars, allowing for more frequent healing and the ability to perform Finishers on Brute enemies. Target Acquisition also adds an extra layer of awareness by automatically tagging enemies detected with Scan.

Best Health Upgrades

  • The Best Defense: Slightly heal on every 10th hit of a Combo
    • Cost: x225 Tech Parts and x8 Rare Tech Parts
  • Amazing Health 1: Increase health by 10. Maximum health is now 120.

In situations where you find yourself low on health with numerous enemies to defeat, the Best Defense Suit Tech Upgrade will come in handy. It allows you to regain health with every 10th hit of a Combo. Additionally, you can increase your maximum health by 10 with the Amazing Health 1 upgrade. While there are other upgrades like Ultimate Health available, Amazing Health 1 is recommended for early and mid-game periods.

That concludes our guide on the Best Spiderman 2 Suit Tech Upgrades. If you want more information about this PlayStation exclusive, stay connected to Gamer Tweak. We have covered multiple guides on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for your reference.