All characters and classes in Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon, the highly anticipated sequel to Dungeon of the Endless, is a captivating tower dungeon-esque roguelike game. In this strategic adventure, players are faced with a variety of heroes to unlock and progress through the game with. Each character boasts a unique set of skills and abilities, ranging from defensive assistance to heavy damage dealing. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with each character’s strengths and weaknesses to make informed decisions on who to unlock and prioritize. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the characters featured in Endless Dungeon.

All characters in Endless Dungeon

Image: SEGA
  • Zed: Zed is a formidable high-damage killing machine who is determined to save her allies. She excels at dealing significant damage to enemies and is equipped with an ultimate ability that debuffs foes while buffing allies. An interesting aspect of Zed’s gameplay is her ability to temporarily increase her damage after defeating an enemy. She belongs to the Damage class.
  • Bunker: Bunker, a Tank class character, plays a crucial role in supporting allies by taunting enemies and diverting attention away from the team. With the ability to stun enemies and turn invulnerable, Bunker exhibits impressive defensive prowess. Additionally, her damage output rises as she endures more damage.
  • Blaze: Blaze falls into the Zone Control or AoE Damage class, offering players the opportunity to stabilize an area by planting mines that explode upon contact with enemies. This character possesses a high critical hit chance and can launch deadly rockets at foes. If you have a penchant for bomb-throwing characters, Blaze is highly recommended.
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Image: SEGA
  • Shroom: Shroom, a Support/Healer class character, serves as one of the few medics in the game. Given the importance of healing in Endless Dungeon, Shroom is a desirable pick for those seeking to keep their team alive. Shroom’s healing abilities are significant, allowing her to heal and protect allies in various ways.
  • Comrade: Comrade, a slow but formidable DPS/Support class character, offers valuable utility through the deployment of turrets. Furthermore, Comrade has the ability to transform into a turret, decimating enemies. Additionally, Comrade plays a critical role in repairing resource generators, making them an essential character to unlock.
  • Fassie: Fassie, a Support character, excels at boosting the attacks of allies. Their unique ability also allows them to manipulate monsters, causing them to attack each other. Additionally, Fassie gains Wit for each monster present in a room. This character is particularly effective in situations where hordes of monsters threaten your run, providing a sense of relief as the monsters turn on each other.
  • Sweeper: Sweeper is a Technician/Crowd Control class character renowned for their ability to slow down enemies to a pulp. Furthermore, Sweeper possesses the power to redirect enemies in alternate directions, establishing themselves as one of the top picks for a crowd-control playstyle.
  • Cartie: As a Support character, Cartie offers a diverse skill set encompassing both damage dealing and buffing capabilities for bots. Cartie is a versatile character when it comes to inflicting damage, but their specialty lies in the ability to amplify the Bot’s performance when in the same room.