Apex Legends Reveals New Hero Coming With Ignite Update

Apex Legends Introduces Conduit

EA and developer Respawn Entertainment are thrilled to announce the eagerly anticipated Ignite update for the popular free-to-play hero shooter, Apex Legends. This upcoming expansion introduces a brand new Legend known as Conduit, and what makes her even more intriguing is her mysterious connection to Respawn’s highly acclaimed game, Titanfall 2.

In terms of gameplay details, Respawn has been tight-lipped about Apex Legends: Ignite and the specific role that Conduit will play. However, they did release a press statement alongside an announcement trailer that shed some light on the new character. According to the lore, when Conduit was just a child, she and her siblings faced certain doom. However, fate intervened as a Monarch Titan from Titanfall 2 arrived in the nick of time to save their lives. Now, harnessing the power of the Titan’s damaged core, Conduit has become a legendary figure, using her abilities to support her family. Yet, this incredible power comes at a great cost – the radioactive core slowly poisons her body over time.

Additional context and backstory for Conduit were revealed in Apex Legends’ latest animated trailer, “For Us, Utang na Loob.” This Filipino title translates to “indebtedness,” which perfectly captures the theme of the trailer. The animated short depicts Conduit’s family home in her hometown being attacked by the Titans. In their darkest hour, the Monarch Titan once again emerges to protect the innocent. After luring the invaders away, the outnumbered Titan ultimately sacrifices itself by detonating its core, obliterating both itself and the other Titans.

Fast forward several years, and Conduit, now a teenager, resides under the care of her weary older sister. Unfortunately, her sister suffers a debilitating injury, plunging the family into financial distress. Determined to help her loved ones, Conduit embarks on a daring mission. She sneaks into the quarantined zone where the remnants of the wrecked Titans lie, still leaking radiation. By touching the damaged core of the Monarch Titan, she gains a new power, an infusion of radioactive energy that now resides within her hand.

Although the trailer doesn’t explicitly reveal the nature of Conduit’s newfound abilities, fans of Apex Legends won’t have to wait much longer. The launch trailer for Ignite is set to premiere on October 23, and it promises to provide exciting glimpses into the gameplay and powers of Conduit.