Best way to beat Symbiote Nests in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2: Tips for Conquering Symbiote Nests

In Spider-Man 2, the main story may be relatively short, but the side activities can extend your gameplay experience. Among these side missions, Symbiote Nests pose a particular challenge. This guide will provide you with the best strategies to overcome Symbiote Nests and emerge victorious.

The Evolution of Symbiote Nests

Symbiote Nests become available after completing the mission “Set Things Right.” Initially, you can tackle five nests, and after finishing the mission “It’s All Connected,” you’ll unlock five more. In total, you will have to face a total of ten nests throughout the game.

Objective: Sonic Burst to Victory

The goal is to trigger a Sonic Burst to destroy the hearts located within the nests. However, hordes of enemies will appear, determined to attack the hearts. Your task is to protect the hearts until the Sonic Burst is ready to be unleashed. While most nests follow a straightforward formula, some may present additional challenges, such as multiple hearts or disappearing and reappearing hearts.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Top Strategies for Victory

  • 1. Utilize AOE Gadgets: Due to the seemingly endless waves of enemies, it is crucial to establish control early on. By employing the Web Grabber or Concussion Blast gadgets, you can keep opponents away from you and the heart. These gadgets also allow for stunning, meaning that by attacking while stunning enemies, you won’t have to engage in protracted battles. Just remember to time their use effectively.
  • 2. Embrace the Aerial Advantage: In nests with multiple hearts, staying airborne enables you to defend and navigate between both hearts simultaneously. Moreover, while airborne, you can pull enemies towards you, rendering them unable to counterattack. This strategy significantly reduces pressure and the likelihood of sustaining damage. Dodging enemy attacks also becomes easier in mid-air.
  • 3. Maintain Focus: A high Focus level translates to increased health restoration and more finishers to execute. If you possess the upgrade that awards Focus when parrying, then replenishing your Focus gauge becomes effortless. Maintaining a topped-up Focus supply not only enhances your longevity but allows you to dispatch enemies with greater ease. Keep an eye on your Focus regeneration and utilize it strategically.
  • 4. Beware of Overreliance on Spider Abilities: Although upgraded abilities regenerate faster, what if you urgently require them and they are not ready? While abilities serve as a valuable “get-out-of-jail” card, it’s advisable to use them sparingly when faced with overwhelming odds. With four abilities at your disposal, deploying them consecutively may not yield favorable results. Instead, prioritize the use of gadgets initially, and only resort to abilities if necessary.
Spiderman 2 Spiderman Using Symboite Power1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

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