Slay the Princess: Damsel walkthrough

Slay the Princess Damsel Walkthrough: Save the Princess or Face the Consequences

In the dark world of Slay the Princess, there is a seductive path known as the Damsel route, where you attempt to save the Princess without any malicious intentions. This guide will walk you through the entire process of the Slay the Princess Damsel route.

Is it truly possible to rescue her without the Narrator’s interference? Or is the love story destined for failure? Is it even genuine love at all?

Slay the Princess Damsel Full Guide: Chapter one

Getting to the Damsel route is a fairly straightforward process, as there is only one way to access it. Make sure you don’t bring the knife with you, inform the Princess of your plan to rescue her, cut her free from captivity, and then resist the Narrator’s influence and provide her with a warning. Any deviation from this path will lead to a different outcome.

Reluctantly, she will end up killing you after your successful rescue attempt, and this marks the beginning of the Damsel chapter.

Chapter two: The Damsel Walkthrough

Inside the cabin, the environment transforms into a romantic castle. There are three potential outcomes in this chapter:

  • Rescue the Princess: Leave the cabin together with the Princess, only to have her taken by The Shifting Mound.
  • Rescue the Princess, but question her repeatedly: If you continuously question her after asking about her desires, she will respond with the same answer and gradually transform into a simpler art style. The Shifting Mound will then claim her.
  • Betray the Princess and slay her: You have the option to kill her at three different moments. If you brought the knife, you can kill her immediately or when you interact with her after the rescue. If you didn’t bring the knife, you can kill her on your way out. As a result, The Smitten will force you to stab yourself in retaliation.

It is important to note that the sketch version of the Princess is considered a separate entity from the default Damsel. To experience both versions, you will need to complete this route twice.

Chapter Three: The Grey

Your actions in this route will not alter the outcome, but you will have different dialogue options to explore. You must descend into the cabin, witness her setting it ablaze, and embrace the flames together. As you both burn to death, The Shifting Mound will claim her as its vessel.

In conclusion, the Damsel route presents three potential Princesses. Did you save the Princess without hesitation, or did you suspect that there was more to the story than blind devotion?

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