Best Titan Banner of War build in Destiny 2, explained

The Banner of War: A Guide to the Powerful Titan Aspect

In Destiny 2, the Banner of War Aspect for Titans is a force to be reckoned with. This Aspect transforms Titans into close-range powerhouses that provide strong support buffs to their allies. If you’re looking to optimize your Titan build, the Banner of War is a must-have. In this guide, we will delve into the best Titan Banner of War build and provide recommendations for abilities, fragments, weapons, and armor.

What does the Banner of War do?

The Banner of War grants a temporary boost whenever you eliminate enemies with a melee attack, finisher, or Sword attack. While active, you emit healing pulses that benefit both you and nearby Guardians. As long as you or your allies continue to score kills, the Banner of War buff will remain active, making it possible to sustain this Aspect for extended periods of time during missions.

Best Abilities for Banner of War Titan

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To maximize the potential of the Banner of War Aspect, here are the abilities we recommend:

Aspect: Banner of War

This is the core Aspect of our build. The Banner of War turns Titans into melee powerhouses and provides such a significant boost that it’s hard to justify not using it.

Aspect: Into The Fray

Into The Fray grants the ‘Woven Mail’ effect, reducing incoming damage and greatly enhancing the Titan’s survivability. This Aspect activates when you use your Super ability or destroy a Tangle, making it an invaluable addition to the build.

Grenade: Grapple

While not essential, the Grapple Grenade complements the playstyle of this build by aiding in closing the distance to enemies. The melee-focused nature of the Banner of War Aspect makes the Grapple Grenade a useful tool. Alternatively, the Shackle Grenade can also be effective in certain situations.

Class Ability: Towering Barricade

While the choice of Class Ability ultimately comes down to personal preference, the Towering Barricade has proven to be immensely useful. Its ability to block incoming damage from any direction provides a strong defensive advantage and is preferred over the Rally Barricade.

Movement Ability: Strafe Lift

While the movement style does not directly impact the Banner of War aspect, we recommend using Strafe Lift for its excellent horizontal control. However, feel free to adapt your movement ability based on specific scenarios.

Suggested Fragments for Banner of War Titan

Best Titan Banner of War build in Destiny 2, explained
Image: PC Invasion

When it comes to fragments, the following options work exceptionally well with the Banner of War build:

Thread of Generation

The Thread of Generation fragment reduces grenade cooldown, ensuring you have grenades available more frequently. This choice is a no-brainer and greatly enhances the build’s effectiveness.

Thread of Warding

Woven Mail already provides substantial damage reduction, but Thread of Warding further enhances survivability. This fragment grants damage reduction when picking up Power Orbs, making it especially useful during boss encounters when Supers are often saved.

Thread of Transmutation

The Thread of Transmutation fragment generates Tangles upon landing final blows, which synergizes well with the Into The Fray Aspect. This combination increases overall effectiveness and versatility during combat.

Thread of Fury

The Thread of Fury fragment grants Melee energy when attacking enemies caught in Tangles. Although not the primary focus of the build, the increase in Melee energy can prove advantageous during intense encounters.

Best weapons for Banner of War Titan

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A pivotal component of this build is having a reliable Sword. While options like the Glaive work well, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, we recommend sticking with Strand weapons for optimal synergy with the Banner of War Aspect.

Kinetic Weapon

Any Strand weapon will complement the build, but the Quicksilver Storm is highly recommended. This Exotic weapon, with its associated catalyst, gains the Strand element. If you prefer non-Exotic options, consider the Kept Confidence and Glissando-47.

Energy Weapon

Shotguns excel in close-range combat and can roll with the exceptional One-Two Punch trait. This trait grants a melee damage buff when all pellets from a round hit an enemy. The Ikelos_SG_v.1.0.3 is a solid choice with its potential to roll with One-Two Punch. However, feel free to use any available Shotgun that suits your playstyle.

Heavy Weapon

Completing this build requires a Sword, as it significantly enhances close-range combat capability. Our recommended choice is the Legendary Thin Precipice, which synergizes well with the build’s Strand theme.

Best Armor for Banner of War build

Best Titan Banner of War build in Destiny 2, explained
Image: PC Invasion

The most commonly seen Exotic armor choices for Banner of War Titans are Synthoceps and Stronghold Gauntlets. Synthoceps increases Melee and Super damage when surrounded by multiple enemies, granting significant offensive potential. On the other hand, Stronghold Gauntlets provide exceptional tankiness when blocking with a Sword, ensuring survival when needed most.

For the remaining armor slots, feel free to use your preferred gear. Aim for decent Resilience rolls to enhance overall resilience. Additionally, considering the reliance on Heavy Ammo for Swords, equipping the Heavy Ammo Finder Mod in available slots is advisable.

Experience the full potential of the Banner of War and dominate the battlefield with this optimized Titan build in Destiny 2!