New Dragon Quest X Offline Trailer Uploads Ignite New Localisation Rumours

Image: Square Enix

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating a localized version of the popular game Dragon Quest X Offline, there may finally be some hope on the horizon. Square Enix has recently released trailers for a PlayStation and Steam release of DQXO in Asia, set for spring 2024. This development has sparked speculation that a Western localization could be on its way, especially considering that Nintendo has typically handled Dragon Quest publishing outside of Japan.

While these developments are not yet confirmed, they offer the strongest indication yet of a possible Western release for the “offline version of Dragon Quest X.” To learn more about this highly anticipated title, you can check out our previous coverage. Additionally, there is a demo available, although it is currently exclusive to the Japanese Switch eShop.

Would you like to see this game come to the West? Let us know your thoughts.