Payday 3 Dev Provides An Update After Messy Launch

Starbreeze shooter Payday 3 has encountered some challenges since its release two months ago. However, the development team has been working diligently to address the game’s issues and has provided players with an update on the progress made so far.

Assurance of Prioritizing Game Improvement

In a recent blog post, the Payday 3 team reassured players that their main priority is to deliver the promised patch and ensure a smooth patching process for future updates. The team stated, “we want to get the patch we promised out to you and to make sure our patching process allows us to continue publishing them at a steady cadence in the future.”

Current Progress and Future Plans

The team shared some insights into their progress and plans for the future:

  • The first patch has been developed and is currently undergoing testing and certification. The team is committed to maintaining parity between all platforms.
  • The initial patch took longer than expected due to critical errors in the update pipeline. Addressing these errors was essential to prevent player progression from being wiped away. The team ensured a solid test environment to mitigate this risk.
  • Payday 3 acknowledges player feedback regarding the progression system. The design team is actively looking for ways to balance the challenge system and provide infamy points for each heist. More information on these adjustments will be shared soon.
  • Once the patching process is consistent, the team plans to release more content for the game. Free content updates can be expected before the year ends, and further details will be shared in due course.

Addressing Launch Issues

Payday 3 has encountered a few issues since its release, including multiple instances of the game going offline in a week and server issues affecting matchmaking. The team is actively working to resolve these issues to enhance the overall gaming experience.