Ride On review: Jackie Chan and a horse make a perfect comedic duo

From the late 1970s through the early 2000s, Jackie Chan proved himself to be a remarkable movie star with a series of outstanding action comedies. However, in recent years, his films have become more serious and lackluster. In 2023, Chan is taking a different approach with his movies. His latest film, Hidden Strike, serves as a transition for his career and combines serious action with comedy, featuring John Cena as his co-star. Another film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, showcases Chan’s talent as the voice of Splinter. Finally, Ride On, a slapstick martial arts comedy starring Chan and a horse, completes his 2023 trilogy. While not reaching the same heights as his previous masterpieces, Ride On is still an enjoyable and comedic addition to Chan’s filmography.

In Ride On, Chan portrays a fictionalized version of himself named Luo Zhilong, an aging stuntman who has become disconnected from the movie industry. He spends his days working odd jobs with his beloved horse, Red Hare, treating the animal like his own child. Their relationship is the highlight of the movie, filled with slapstick gags and a great rapport. The chemistry between Chan and Red Hare is evident, and their teamwork shines on the screen. The movie combines comedy with action sequences reminiscent of Chan’s past films, showcasing his signature prop-heavy slapstick choreography.

Ride On also explores Luo’s relationship with his estranged daughter, Bao, and her timid boyfriend, Mickey. While the sentimental connection between Luo and Red Hare is portrayed effectively, the emotional bond between Luo and his daughter is less impactful. Additionally, the portrayal of Luo’s relationship with Mickey falls into the cliché narrative of an overprotective father putting his daughter’s boyfriend through rigorous training.

Aside from its comedic moments, Ride On pays tribute to stunt performers and the dangers they face in their line of work. It serves as a celebration of Jackie Chan’s impressive career, showcasing some of his greatest stunts and the risks he took. The movie aims to shed light on the challenges faced by stunt performers and educate the audience on their accomplishments.

Overall, Ride On may not reach the same level as Chan’s previous classics, but it remains an entertaining film that harkens back to the golden era of Hong Kong action-comedies. Chan’s performance alongside his four-legged co-star delivers plenty of laughs and showcases his signature style. Ride On is a fun-filled movie that will captivate audiences and remind them of Chan’s extraordinary talent.

Image: Well Go USA Entertainment