Who Is Delilah in Spiderman 2? Answered

Spider-Man 2: Meet Delilah

As players swing through the thrilling world of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, battling villains like Karven The Hunter and Venom, they’ll discover a treasure trove of collectibles to find. From Marko’s Memories to the elusive Spider-Bots, there’s something for everyone. And if players manage to collect all the Spider-Bots, they’ll unlock a special cutscene featuring a character named Delilah. So who exactly is Delilah? Let’s dig into her backstory.

Locating the Spider-Bots

The Spider-Bots can be found scattered throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, appearing around a quarter into the game. A total of 42 Spider-Bots await discovery on the map. While this may initially seem overwhelming, players are likely to stumble upon them while swinging between missions and exploring the city.

The Mysterious Delilah

Once all the Spider-Bots have been collected, Ganke, a supporting character, will contact the player. Ganke reveals that the Spider-Bots’ trace leads to the Financial District, urging players to visit this location as soon as possible. Upon arrival, a portal to another realm resembling the one featured in the recent film Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse awaits. Here, players encounter Delilah, an enigmatic character. Delilah’s appearance may be unfamiliar even to diehard Marvel fans, as she was meant to appear in Beyond the Spider-Verse as a side character but was ultimately cut for undisclosed reasons.

While Delilah only has a small role in the game, her mention of Miguel sparks curiosity. Miguel O’Hara, also known as Spider-Man 2099, is referenced by Delilah. This hints at the possibility of seeing Delilah in the next Spider-Verse film or the upcoming Spider-Man game.