The Finals adds new game mode and map in crossplay beta, starting tomorrow

The Finals: Crossplay Open Beta with New Map and Game Mode

Embark Studios’ highly anticipated team-based first-person shooter, The Finals, is set to launch its crossplay open beta on PC and consoles starting tomorrow (October 26). The beta will introduce an exciting new game mode and a fresh map for players to explore.

If you haven’t heard of The Finals yet, this thrilling FPS takes players into the competitive world of “the world’s greatest free-to-play combat game show”. Participants compete for global fame and the support of discerning and stylish sponsors. The game features virtual arenas inspired by real-world locations, where players can drastically alter and destroy their surroundings in the pursuit of victory.

In addition to the existing Monaco and Seoul arenas, open beta players will have the opportunity to experience the brand-new Skyway Stadium. Moreover, players can enjoy a variety of game modes, including Unranked Tournament, a ‘cashout’ mode that pits four trios against each other to locate cashboxes and deposit them into vaults over three rounds, with a total of 24 players.

For those seeking a more challenging competition, Ranked Tournament offers the same experience but with a total of 48 players battling it out across four rounds. On the other hand, Quick Cash provides a more casual 3v3v3 variation, with longer matches and faster extraction times.

If you are already familiar with The Finals, you’ll be excited to try the new casual Bank-It mode. In this mode, four teams of three compete to collect the maximum number of coins or out-earn the other teams by the end of the round.

The crossplay beta for The Finals will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam from October 26 to November 5. As an added incentive, players can take advantage of a free battle pass during the beta, which offers 16 unlockable rewards to keep for the full game launch.

Only time will tell if The Finals will become one of the top FPS or best free games on the market. In the meantime, stay updated on upcoming game releases by checking out our comprehensive list.