How To Manage Traffic In Cities Skylines 2 (Best Ways)

How to Manage Traffic in Cities Skylines 2

If you want to manage the traffic in Cities Skylines 2 and avoid accidents and congestion, it’s important to implement effective strategies. By analyzing traffic stats and addressing underlying issues, you can improve road connectivity in your town. To help you in this endeavor, we have compiled a guide on how to manage traffic in CS2.

Use Traffic Infoview

Prior to implementing any traffic management measures, it’s crucial to have an understanding of the traffic flow and volume in your city. You can utilize the Traffic Infoview feature in CS2 to gain insights into the road network and the smoothness of vehicle flow. Higher traffic flow numbers indicate congestion-free roads, while lower numbers can indicate potential bottlenecks. Additionally, Traffic Infoview provides information on rush hours during different times of the day.

Have Alternative Routes

One effective way to manage traffic is by creating alternative routes within your city. This can be achieved by converting some roads into one-way streets to reduce congestion. Upgrading to wider roads can also help prevent traffic jams. However, it’s important to maintain appropriate speeds and road conditions to minimize accidents. Use your knowledge of the city to create efficient and convenient routes for your citizens.

Build Parking Areas

Building parking areas near residential and industrial areas can help alleviate traffic congestion. Designated parking spots not only reduce the need for street parking but also offer the opportunity to generate revenue through parking fees. By encouraging citizens to utilize these parking areas, you can ensure that lanes and roads are primarily used for vehicle traffic. Choose locations for parking spots that are easily accessible and can accommodate a significant number of vehicles.

Image Source: Paradox Interactive via Steam.

Use Public Transportation

Public transportation is an effective way to reduce traffic congestion in your city. Once you unlock the transportation tab, you can create specific routes for metros, trucks, and buses. By providing reliable public transportation options, more citizens will choose to use these modes of transportation instead of private vehicles. This not only helps alleviate traffic congestion but also allows you to generate revenue through transportation fares.

Ultimately, managing traffic in Cities Skylines 2 requires a combination of effective strategies and personalized decision-making. By implementing the tips provided in this guide and exploring further strategies, you can create a well-functioning and efficient transportation system in your city.

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