After Loki season 2 episode 4, what happens to Victor Timely?

Victor Timely’s Fate: What Happened in Loki Season 2?

Victor Timely’s presence is felt throughout Loki season 2, even when he’s not physically there. As one of the many versions of Kang the Conqueror, Timely plays an essential role in the second season. His designs are the inspiration behind the Time Loom, showcasing his importance. Despite his significance, Timely’s fate takes an unexpected turn.

Spoiler Alert: Timely’s Tragic Transformation

In a surprising twist, Victor Timely undergoes a sudden and unexpected transformation. After contributing to the team’s efforts and working alongside Loki, Timely turns into noodles, leaving everyone shocked and wondering about the consequences of his absence.

However, considering the way this season has been folding in on itself, Timely’s transformation may have far-reaching implications for the space-time continuum. Although he appears to be gone, there’s a possibility that Timely’s existence has been altered or displaced elsewhere. The narrative might not be done with him just yet. Here are our theories on what could have happened to him.

Theory 1: Victor Timely’s Transformation Creates Kang the Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror spans across multiple realities, but how did he become the powerful figure he is? While his suit and advanced technology account for some of his abilities, there’s room for interpretation regarding his control over time and reality.

What if Loki has revealed the origin of Kang’s powers? Timely’s transformation could be the catalyst that grants Kang unexpected abilities. Perhaps Timely’s essence was spread throughout the multiverse, gaining new powers in the process. This event could have permanently altered the brains of other variants, including Nathaniel Richards, ultimately leading to Kang’s rise. The grand reveals and connections in the MCU make this theory plausible.

Theory 2: Timely’s Journey Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Victor Timely

The Time Loom’s power extends throughout the vastness of space, drawing in various timelines from the multiverse. As Timely transformed into strands, it’s possible that he was inadvertently pulled into the Loom along with the others.

This leads to an intriguing possibility – Timely could have ended up anywhere within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It doesn’t have to be a significant location; a quick end-credits scene reminiscent of Howard the Duck’s appearance in the original Guardians of the Galaxy could suffice. The hope is that Timely continues his inventive endeavors in a new setting or becomes instrumental in another Kang-related storyline.

Theory 3: The Demise of Victor Timely

Victor Timely

In a grim theory, it’s speculated that Victor Timely may have met his end. This presents a potential problem for the timeline, as Timely is believed to be the Kang responsible for inventing the TVA. If he truly died, it could have significant consequences.

Perhaps the fallout of Timely’s death will be explored in climactic episodes, wherein all TVA employees wake up in their normal lives on the timeline, unaware of the TVA’s existence. This change could force Mobius to face a crucial decision between Jet Skis and restoring the TVA. However, given Loki’s tendency to manipulate causality, the true outcome remains uncertain. Even if Timely is gone, there are still numerous Kangs to take his place.

Theory 4: Victor Timely’s Noodle Transformation

Victor Timely

This theory provides a simpler explanation for Timely’s fate – he’s now spaghetti. Similar to how Polygon executive editor Matthew Patches humorously refers to this transformation, Timely’s sacrifice leads to a revelation: he’s responsible for the discovery of various pasta shapes, particularly spaghetti and other European noodle varieties.

Within the confines of the TVA, Timely’s approach to the Loom, resulting in his disintegration, unlocked the divine existence of pasta. His essence scatters throughout the multiverse, strategically entering each universe’s history to facilitate the discovery of the perfect form of pasta sauce delivery: the spaghetti noodle.

Unfortunately, not every timeline witnesses this spaghetti magic. Some universes miss out on the greatness of pasta perfection because they were never gifted with a man-like noodle-shaped entity. Nevertheless, we can be grateful that our universe experienced this culinary miracle.