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Compared to the other NPCs in Lords of the Fallen, Damarose has a unique storyline

When playing Lords of the Fallen, you may come across a character named Damarose in Pilgrim’s Perch. Unlike other non-player characters (NPCs), Damarose has an interesting backstory that adds depth to the game. She serves as a follower of Adyr and also works as a merchant. It is worth noting that Damarose can even pose as a secondary boss that players may have to face.

Where to Start the Damarose Quest in Lords of the Fallen

If you wish to embark on Damarose’s questline, you can find her inside the upper levels of the Sanctuary in Pilgrim’s Perch. Look for her through the railing window and initiate a conversation. This will allow you to trade with her and begin Damarose’s quest in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose Quest Walkthrough

To start Damarose’s questline, you will first encounter her in the Pilgrim’s Perch Sanctuary, before facing your first boss. Engage in a conversation with her about the peculiarities of the temple and then proceed through the area as you normally would. As you reach the bottom of Pilgrim’s Perch, continue descending using the elevator near the bell vestige. This will take you to another elevator and into a cave, where you will have to battle the Mistress of Hounds, Sin Piercer archer.

Once you have defeated the boss, Damarose will no longer be in that location. Instead, she will start appearing at various stages of the game, depending on your choices regarding the first beacon.

How to Complete the Damarose Quest in Lords of the Fallen

There are two ways to complete Damarose’s quest in Lords of the Fallen, and depending on your decision, you may find yourself facing her as an opponent.

Lords of the Fallen Radiant Ending Result

If you choose to cleanse the first beacon and pursue the Radiant ending, you will not encounter Damarose until the end of the game, near Bramis Castle. At this point, you will need to go to the castle to cleanse the final beacon, after dealing with the first five. To gain entry into the castle grounds, you must face Damarose, as she acts as the protector of Lord Adyr, whom she admits to worshipping in Pilgrim’s Perch.

Lords of the Fallen Inferno Ending Result

If you decide not to cleanse the first beacon, Damarose will appear in different spawn locations instead. This choice opens up more of her storyline. You will encounter Damarose in Fitzroy’s Gorge, specifically in the Adyr shrine cave. To access the cave, you must defeat the Ruiner on the bridge. After defeating the boss, enter the Umbral and follow a path that leads to a ladder hoisted up. Overcome a few guards and hell dogs to enter a shrine, where you can learn more about the lore from Damarose.

Damarose will task you with retrieving the Adyr-Worshipper’s Saw, which is located on a glowing red altar protected by a Raw Mangler in the Cistern. Her objective is to use the Crimson Rector Percival’s body to create life in Adyr’s name. Additionally, she will request three pieces of Roghar’s flesh: the Lightreaper Flesh, the Infernal Enchantress Flesh, and the Spurned Progeny Flesh.

Once you have obtained these items, engage in dialogue with Damarose until she prompts you to assist her in performing the ritual on Crimson Rector Percival, who will then become a failed proselyte. After completing the ritual, meet Damarose at the gates of Bramis Castle to receive your reward, Damarose’s Cleaver.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose Quest Rewards (Inferno)

If you choose the Inferno ending, Damarose will not make an appearance until you reach the final beacon boss, the Sundered King, in Bramis Castle. You will discover that her body is being used as the Effigy of Adyr. Near her lifeless body, you can collect the following items in the Throne Room near Adyr’s Effigy:

  • Miranda’s Touch
  • Damarose’s Garb
  • Daramarose’s Mask
  • Damarose’s Bracers
  • Damarose’s Trousers