Alan Wake 2 expansions detailed, include trip inside fictional TV show

Alan Wake 2 Expansions Announced: Night Springs and The Lake House

Remedy Entertainment has released Alan Wake 2 today, along with exciting news about two upcoming expansions that will continue the game’s story in 2024. One of these expansions is called Night Springs, which is a fictional TV show within the Alan Wake universe, heavily inspired by The Twilight Zone.

“Visions and dreams,” as teased by Remedy, will be a central theme in Night Springs as players delve into the collapsing world of fiction becoming reality. The expansion will offer multiple self-contained episodes of Night Springs, allowing players to experience the unexplainable while playing as several familiar characters from the Alan Wake universe.

Alan Wake 2 on PlayStation 5 – the Digital Foundry verdict.

Alongside Night Springs, the second expansion named The Lake House focuses more on the main plot of Alan Wake 2. Players will have the opportunity to explore a mysterious facility situated on the shores of Cauldron Lake. This facility was established by an independent government organization for conducting secret research until something goes wrong.

The Lake House expansion will feature two separate adventures and bring the worlds of Alan and Saga, the dual protagonists of Alan Wake 2, together again in a collision of their narratives. It is reminiscent of Control’s second expansion, which intersected with the world of Alan Wake. Fans are speculating if we might even see a guest appearance from Control protagonist Jesse Faden in this expansion.

Remedy has expressed their excitement about the expansions, stating that they provide an opportunity for the developers to be even more creative with the narrative. Additionally, a New Game Plus mode has been teased, promising an alternative story for players to explore in Alan Wake 2.

While our review is still in progress, Digital Foundry has already shared their insights on the visuals of Alan Wake 2. Stay tuned for our review and further updates on this highly anticipated game.