A Heartwarming Game with a Rich Story – A Perfect Dayis Now Available on Xbox

Innovative Time-Loop Based Gameplay

Experience the unique gameplay of A Perfect Day, where you have the opportunity to relive the last day of the 20th century without the memories from past loops. Make this single day count and create the perfect experience for yourself.

A Heartwarming, Wholesome Story

Embark on a touching and nostalgic adventure as A Perfect Day presents four intertwined storylines. Discover the true selves of your friends, heal wounds, and forgive missteps as you navigate through this heartwarming journey.

Living and Breathing Characters

Interact with a diverse cast of characters in A Perfect Day. From the know-it-all with glasses to the girl you have a crush on, get to know them, accompany them, and maybe even rewrite their stories along the way.

A Nostalgic Journey to China and the Year 1999

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the dawn of China’s economic boom in the 1990s. Enjoy the beautiful crayon painting style as you experience the Chinese culture and lifestyle of that era. Relive the nostalgia and simplicity of the ’90s.

A Variety of Fun Mini-Games

Indulge in the nostalgia of old-school gaming with A Perfect Day. Build and customize your own mini 4WD car, collect Gamicom console cartridges, and play arcade challenges. Have fun and create your perfect day along the way.

A Perfect Day Perfect Day Studio

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In this interactive fiction game, revisit the 90s and assume the role of an elementary schoolboy who is hesitant to give a card to his favorite classmate. Dive into the secrets of classmates, friends, and family as you navigate through the endless loop of the last day of 1999. Help everyone have their “perfect day” while enjoying mini-games on Gamicom, building a 4WD, or simply relaxing in the park. The choice is yours.

A New Way To Play

Embark on a winding narrative and solve puzzles within the constraints of time. Let the memories guide you through a serpentine labyrinth inspired by the storytelling of Jorge Luis Borges. Discover adventure and truth in A Perfect Day.

A Rich Story

Be captivated by the intricate details and unique game systems that portray the collective experience of Chinese youth during the turn of the century. Immerse yourself in a rich narrative that will leave a lasting impact.

Complex Characters

Immerse yourself in the legacy of visual novels as A Perfect Day presents a diverse cast of characters. Follow their stories, get to know them intimately, and rewrite their destinies.

Magical Realism – New Wave

Experience the influence of magical realism, French New Wave films, and the works of renowned directors such as Truffaut, Tarantino, and Jia Zhangke. A Perfect Day is not just a game but a storytelling masterpiece.

Experience Life Itself

Embrace the imperfections of your perfect day in A Perfect Day. Return to the people, the memories, and the year 1999. Relive that perfect day as you uncover the beautiful complexities of life.