Valve: “We don’t know enough about NFTs to weigh in on that conversation”

Valve, the developer behind Counter-Strike 2, has stated that it does not have enough knowledge about NFTs to enter into the ongoing debate surrounding the controversial technology. The dev team, speaking collectively rather than as individual developers, explained in an interview with PC Gamer that while they have made efforts to allow CS:GO players to transfer their skins and cosmetics to CS2, they are not well-versed enough in NFTs to make any meaningful contribution to the web3 discussion. The team clarified that players can transfer their NFT cosmetics in the same manner, but they lack sufficient understanding of NFTs to comment further.

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The CS2 dev team emphasized their goal of ensuring that CS:GO players could retain as many of their skills and items as possible when transitioning to CS2. They acknowledged the challenges of integrating older items into the new game’s look and feel but considered it crucial to prioritize customer satisfaction. Regarding NFTs in relation to Counter-Strike items, they admitted to lacking knowledge and preferred to focus on making decisions that align with their players’ interests.

Counter-Strike 2 was released at the end of September, marking a significant overhaul of Valve’s popular PC shooter series. Digital Foundry’s Will Judd praised the revamped Counter-Strike after previewing it earlier this year.

Last week, Valve announced its intention to reverse VAC bans for Counter-Strike 2 players who were banned for using AMD’s Anti-Lag+ feature. Unfortunately, the implementation of this feature, which involves “detouring engine dll functions,” can have adverse effects on Counter-Strike 2 players who activate it. Now, it appears that some Counter-Strike 2 players are facing bans for simply moving their mouse too quickly.