How to earn World of Warcraft (WoW) 10.2 Twitch Drops

The Latest WoW Expansion: Prepping for Raid Amidrassil, The Dream’s Hope

As the release of the latest WoW expansion approaches, players from around the world are getting ready to conquer the brand new Raid, Amidrassil, The Dream’s Hope. However, in the meantime, Blizzard has unveiled an impressive array of Twitch drops that players can earn in patch 10.2.

WoW Twitch Drops for Patch 10.2

Twitch drops have become a common occurrence in modern video games, with almost every online title offering some form of free content that can be earned by players. As we near the release of patch 10.2, which may be the final patch of the expansion, players will once again have the opportunity to obtain two free items. Thanks to data mining by, we have information on these items:

In this month’s promotion, players will strive to acquire Dottie, the baby alpaca pet, and the White Riding Camel mount. Both of these items have made previous appearances in WoW.

Dottie was originally a promotional item for a charity campaign collaboration between Blizzard and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The White Riding Camel, on the other hand, was a special item that players obtained through the WoW-branded “Tomb of the Forgotten” trading card set.

How To Earn WoW Twitch Drops

To acquire the Twitch drops offered by Blizzard, it is likely that players will need to watch at least four hours of any WoW Dragonflight streams in November once the 10.2 patch is released on November 7. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to claim these rewards:

  1. To earn Twitch drop rewards, you must link your account to your Twitch account and watch streams from eligible channels during the promotional period. The required viewing time may vary depending on the specific promotion.
  2. If there are multiple rewards available for consecutive hours of watching, you must claim the unlocked rewards before you can earn credit towards additional rewards.
  3. You can track your progress and view the rewards you have earned by visiting your Drops Inventory page. From this page, you can also claim any Drops rewards that you didn’t claim while watching the channel.

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