WarioWare: Move It review: WarioWare for Wii gets a great Switch sequel

WarioWare: Move It! – A Frantic and Fun Microgame Experience


After two decades in the microgames industry, Wario is finally taking a well-deserved vacation. In his latest adventure, WarioWare: Move It!, players are taken on an island getaway filled with mishaps and hundreds of exciting new microgames. Set to release on Nov. 3 for Nintendo Switch, Move It! is a direct sequel to the popular Wii game WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

Frantic Gameplay

Similar to its predecessor, Move It! asks players to position the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers in specific ways and quickly react to on-screen prompts. These positions, called Forms, require players to mimic certain poses. For example, one Form may have you hold your hands like an archer, while another has you pose like a chicken. Players must then complete various tasks, such as reeling in a fishing rod or playing a musical instrument, in a matter of seconds.

Fun and Frustrating

While Move It! is undeniably fun, especially in multiplayer mode, it can also be frustrating at times. Some of the poses required for certain microgames can be challenging to execute correctly. Additionally, certain Forms may require players to use the Joy-Con’s IR camera or perform specific gestures, adding an extra layer of complexity.

Smart Handling of Failure

Move It! does a great job of handling failure, particularly in cooperative group play. When a player fails a microgame, their partner can tag in for a second attempt and save a lost life. With a “secret pose” feature that allows players to jump back into the game after a team “game over,” Move It! ensures that the sting of defeat is quickly replaced by laughter and silliness.

Varied Game Modes

In addition to the story mode, which serves as a tutorial, Move It! offers various other modes for players to enjoy. The Museum mode showcases all the microgames that have been unlocked so far, while the two-player cooperative and competitive modes provide additional options for multiplayer fun. Notably, the Copycat Mirror mode adds a unique twist by requiring one player to perform the moves while the other mimics them.

Accessibility Considerations

It’s important to note that Move It! requires significant movement and space, as many games involve full-body motion. The game does not have any control or accessibility options for players with mobility issues. Additionally, players must have Joy-Con straps attached to properly interact with the microgames.

A Delightful Multiplayer Experience

Despite its minor drawbacks, WarioWare: Move It! is a fantastic multiplayer game, especially for casual gamers. It offers a delightful way to introduce friends and family to the exciting world of microgames. With its fresh batch of fun and frantic gameplay, Move It! is set to release on Nov. 3 and promises to be a hit for Nintendo Switch owners.