How to enable classic Hitmarker sounds in Modern Warfare 3

I Still Want to Hear the Classic Hitmarker Sound in Modern Warfare 3

That classic hitmarker sound from Modern Warfare 3 is just too iconic to forget. It has become ingrained in my mind to the point where I hear it everywhere – in my dreams, in my daily life, and even in TikToks. It’s a sound that deserves to be immortalized in the Hall of Fame of memes. And so, naturally, I believe it should make a comeback in the newest Modern Warfare 2 as well.

How to Enable the Classic Hitmarker Audio in Modern Warfare 3

Fortunately, you can easily bring back that satisfying bullet connection sound in Modern Warfare 3 with just a few simple steps. The developers of Modern Warfare 3 know their audience well and wouldn’t dream of denying us this audio treasure. However, I must admit that it’s slightly hidden in the menus, so you’ll need to do a little searching.

YouTube: Linnet’s How To

To begin, open up your settings in Modern Warfare 3 and navigate to the audio settings in the side menu. Scroll all the way down the list until you find the option for functionality. Within this menu, you’ll discover a variety of options for the game’s sound effects, allowing you to customize them according to your preferences.

Look for the option called “Hitmarker Sound Effects.” In this menu, you can choose between the classic hitmarker audio, the new MW3 sound, or even turn them off completely if you prefer a more realistic experience.

This level of attention to detail and customizability is truly fantastic in MW3. It ensures that every player can have the exact experience they desire. This is especially important for a game that aspires to be considered for E-Sports. After all, everyone has their own unique style, but personally, I have a soft spot for the classics. It’s probably because I’m getting old.

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