Stardew Valley – How to Get Earth Crystal

Mining in Stardew Valley: How to Get Earth Crystal

Mining in Stardew Valley is not only a farming activity; it is also a source of entertainment. Many players enjoy exploring dungeons and collecting rare gems, minerals, and ores during their expeditions. One of the most coveted minerals in Stardew Valley is the Earth Crystal, but finding it can be a challenge for most players.

How to Get Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley

There are several ways to obtain an Earth Crystal in Stardew Valley:

  1. Forage in the Mines
  2. Defeat Duggy monsters
  3. Open Geodes
  4. Use Copper Pan
  5. Fish for Treasure

Foraging in the Mines

The best place to find minerals, including Earth Crystals, in Stardew Valley is the Mines. These minerals can be found as forageable items on various floors of the Mines. Earth Crystals can be found between levels 1 and 39. To maximize your chances of finding Earth Crystals, it is recommended to explore all floors within this range. If you reach floor 40, take the elevator to the top and start again to reset the Mines and find even more Earth Crystals. Look for yellow-brownish diamond-like crystals and simply pick them up.

Alternatively, if you want to save time and focus on finding Earth Crystals, explore levels 20 to 30 repeatedly by restarting the dungeon at level 30. Keep in mind that levels 31 to 39 can be challenging due to darkness and the absence of enemies that drop Earth Crystals when defeated. Be cautious when using Bombs in the Mines, as they may accidentally destroy the Earth Crystals.

Defeating Duggy

Duggies are creatures that pop up from tillable land patches in the Mines. They have a relatively high chance of dropping Earth Crystals (10%) when defeated. Duggies can be found between floors 6 and 29, making these levels the best to explore if you want to obtain a large number of Earth Crystals. To defeat a Duggy, stand on the edge of a tillable soil patch and quickly walk on and off it. This will cause the Duggy to pop out, allowing you to attack it. Repeat this strategy until you defeat the Duggy and hope it drops an Earth Crystal. If not, it may drop a Geode, which can also be useful.

Opening Geodes

Geodes, special items found in Stardew Valley, can be obtained by defeating Duggies or mining rocks between floors 1 and 39 in the Mines. If you come across Geodes while exploring the Mines, take them to Clint and pay 25 gold to open them. Geodes have a 6% chance of containing an Earth Crystal. They may also contain resources such as Stone, Clay, Coal, or Copper Ore. While Geodes are not the most reliable method for obtaining Earth Crystals, they offer a decent chance and can provide additional resources.

Once you pass floor 21, you may start finding Omni Geodes, which are an improved version of Geodes. While they generally yield better rewards, they have a very small chance (2%) of containing an Earth Crystal.


After completing the Fish Tank Community Center Bundles, players receive a Copper Pan in Stardew Valley. This tool allows them to pan for ores, gems, and minerals in the water. Occasionally, sparkling spots will appear in the water, indicating that there is something to collect. Approach the spot and use the Copper Pan to get a random resource. There is approximately a 5% chance of obtaining an Earth Crystal using the Copper Pan. Keep an eye out for these sparkling spots while panning, as they can yield valuable resources even if an Earth Crystal is not obtained.

Fishing for Treasure

Fishing is not only profitable in Stardew Valley for the fish you catch but also for the treasure that can be obtained. When playing the fishing minigame, there is a chance that treasure chests will appear. The rewards inside these chests vary depending on the zone in which you are fishing, with zones ranging from 1 to 5 based on your distance from the shore. Fishing in zones 1 to 2 offers a 4% chance of obtaining an Earth Crystal. To increase your chances, fish in the Mountains near the entrance to the Mines.

Obtaining Earth Crystals in Stardew Valley may require some patience and exploration, but the rewards are worth it. Use these methods to increase your chances of finding this valuable mineral and enhance your farming venture in Pelican Town.