How to play Kiss the Rat in Little Goody Two Shoes

Little Goody Two Shoes: Mastering Kiss the Rat

In the small village of Kieferberg, nestled within the game Little Goody Two Shoes, there’s an unconventional mini-game called Kiss the Rat. While it may not possess the glamour of other activities in the game, Kiss the Rat serves a unique purpose – it allows you to bond with the village children and dispel any suspicions of witchcraft that may be brewing among the superstitious residents.

Image: PC Invasion

The rules of Kiss the Rat are reminiscent of a combination of tennis and hot potato. The objective is simple: you serve a toy rat to the other children, and upon receiving it, they shoot it back at you. Your task is to press the corresponding button that matches the color of the incoming rat – either blue or yellow. The children never miss a return, so your success on the scoreboard depends solely on your reaction time.

Avoiding mistakes is crucial. If you click the button too early, too late, or press the wrong one altogether, prepare to “kiss the rat.” While it’s just a smelly toy, the experience is not too dissimilar from kissing the real thing. Dedicate some time to perfecting your hits and aim for the highest score possible!

Embrace the Challenge

As the countdown timer approaches zero, be prepared for the rat ball to reach high speeds. Quick reflexes are essential for achieving a top rank in Kiss the Rat. Stay focused, concentrate on the colors, and strive to maintain your hitting accuracy.

Playing Games to Win Trust

It’s important to remember that engaging in activities like Kiss the Rat with the village children is more than just a game. By participating in their games, you not only distract them from superstition but also earn their trust and acceptance within the community. So, don’t underestimate the power of a silly game in building relationships.

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