How to unlock and evolve Santa Javelin in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors — Unlocking Santa Javelin

Exciting news for vampire survivor fans as a surprise update introduces a brand-new weapon to the game. Developers poncle are getting into the holiday spirit early this year by bringing us the Santa Javelin. Let’s dive into how you can unlock and evolve this festive weapon in Vampire Survivors.

Screenshot: poncle

Unlocking Santa Javelin

Unlocking the Santa Javelin in Vampire Survivors follows a similar process to acquiring other weapons. You begin by unlocking the new character, Santa Ladonna, whose starting weapon is the Santa Javelin. To unlock this weapon for other characters, you need to reach level 7 with Santa Ladonna during a gameplay session. This unlocks the Santa Javelin for all characters and opens up the opportunity to explore the new Laborratory level.

Once you have the Santa Javelin in your arsenal, it’s time to focus on evolving it to maximize its potential.

Evolving Santa Javelin

Evolving weapons in Vampire Survivors involves combining them with a passive item and leveling them up to meet specific evolution requirements. To evolve the Santa Javelin, you will need a max Clover item. Clovers can be found in chests and scattered around certain maps. For new players, it’s essential to gather gold to afford upgrades and unlock new characters to enhance your gameplay experience.

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