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ESL One Birmingham: New Builds Worth Exploring

While ESL One Birmingham was played on the familiar 7.35d patch, a couple of unique strategies emerged that are interesting to discuss and analyze. These pocket strats may not be suitable for everyday pubs, but they definitely add a fun twist to the game.

The Return of Clinkz

Despite a less triumphant comeback, Clinkz is a hero worth noting. The main focus for players, like Ame^^, is the necessity of the Shard upgrade for farming. By following a specific skill build, Clinkz can become a high burst damage ranged damage dealer, perfect for team fights.

With the right items and talents supporting this playstyle, Clinkz can deal significant damage from a safe distance, making him a formidable force in late-game scenarios.

Venomancer Rises in the Pro Scene

While Venomancer is a popular pub support, teams like Falcons showed that the hero can be utilized effectively in the pro scene as well. By prioritizing the maxing out of Plague Wards, players like FLCN.Sneyking have demonstrated a different approach to playing Venomancer at a competitive level.

The skill and item build adopted by Sneyking focuses on aggressive strategic play across the map, allowing for high pushing power and farming potential. This alternative build provides a refreshing perspective on how Venomancer can be played in professional matches.

Exploring New Builds

With the current meta well-established, it’s always exciting to see new ideas emerge, even at major tournaments like ESL One Birmingham. The deviations from standard pub builds showcased by Clinkz and Venomancer open up new possibilities for players to explore and experiment with in their own games.

If you’ve noticed any other interesting trends or deviations from the meta, whether at ESL One Birmingham or in your own matches, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.