Best Snipers in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile – The Best Snipers for the Pocket Shooter

Call of Duty: Mobile brings all the excitement of the full console and PC games right to your phone. One of the best features is the wide selection of weapons, including powerful snipers. If you’re interested in using snipers effectively, take a look at this guide on the top snipers in Call of Duty: Mobile.

DL Q33

If sniping isn’t your strong suit, the DL Q33 is a great choice. While it’s a bolt-action sniper with a slower firing rate, it offers balanced stats in terms of damage, accuracy, and mobility. For players who prefer a more forgiving sniping experience, the DL Q33 can be your best friend.

Screenshot: PC Invasion


The SVD may seem challenging for inexperienced snipers, but its stats and performance make it surprisingly easy to use. While it may have weaknesses in terms of mobility, control, and fire rate, upgrading its weaker parts can result in a sniper with high damage and improved usability.

Cod Mobile Svd2
Screenshot: PC Invasion


Designed for hardcore sniper enthusiasts, the Outlaw excels in both damage and accuracy. While it has some weaknesses, they are not as noticeable as with other snipers like the SVD. Upgrading the Outlaw can take its performance to an even higher level, making it a must-have for dedicated snipers.

Cod Mobile Outlaw1
Screenshot: PC Invasion


The Koshka offers great damage and accuracy, making it a solid choice for snipers. However, its slow fire rate and control require careful positioning and stealth. One missed shot can give away your position, so it’s essential to fully upgrade the Koshka to maximize its potential.

Cod Moblie Koshka1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Using a sword in Call of Duty: Mobile can also be a thrilling option!

ZRG 20mm

If you’re looking for massive damage in a single shot, the ZRG 20mm is the sniper for you. This powerful weapon can take down enemies and even light air aircraft. However, its low fire rate comes with a trade-off, so it’s important to maintain distance from your targets and select strategic opportunities to strike.

Cod Mobile Zrg 20 Mm1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

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Call of Duty: Mobile is available for free on iOS and Android.