Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds mode is getting a team vs team mode

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Introduces New Team-Based Mode

Hearthstone Battlegrounds, the auto-battler spin-off to Blizzard’s card game Hearthstone is getting its own spin-off, with a new team-based mode that will allow you to group up with your friends and throw down with opponents.

The new mode was announced on stage at Blizzcon 2024 by the lead director, Cora Georgiou, and the new mode will be available to try out at Blizzcon 2023 ahead of a planned release for the mode early in 2024.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds was first announced back in Blizzcon 2019, cashing in on the trend of autobattlers. However, it placed a unique card-based twist on the genre that set it apart from the many other autobattlers that were trying to capture the magic of Dota Auto Chess. It was quite successful, and it’s now a huge part of Hearthstone that has earned many fans.

New Cooperative Duos Mode

The exciting card-based autobattler isn’t done yet. The new cooperative Duos mode looks to inspire a whole new wave of fans. In this upcoming mode, players can team up with a friend and fight against other pairs. This combat will include special Duos-only mechanics such as team combat, passing cards to one another, and a shared health pool. There will also be new heroes and minions which will put the onus on teamwork mechanics and features.

If you’re worried about not having anyone to play with then you’ll be glad to know that there is a solution to this. “Catch-up packs” are also being introduced to help new players and those who haven’t competed in a while access a vast range of cards. Everyone will get one of these packs for free, with some being put into pre-orders for the next expansion, also. Although there is no telling how many cards you will get in a pack, ranging from 5-50, the amount will change based on how many Standard cards you already own.

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