How to recruit Ashton in Star Ocean The Second Story R

Star Ocean is known for its extensive roster of playable characters, some of whom are exclusive to certain playthroughs. This guide will help you recruit Ashton in Star Ocean The Second Story R.

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How to Recruit Ashton in Star Ocean The Second Story R

First, it’s important to note that recruiting Ashton may prevent you from recruiting other party members. If you choose to recruit Ashton, you will miss out on the opportunity to recruit Ernest and Opera later in the game. While this may be a bit inconvenient, I actually appreciate it because it offers a different party setup for future playthroughs of Star Ocean The Second Story R.

Steps to Recruit Ashton

To recruit Ashton, you must first progress through the main story until you complete the mission in Marze. This mission involves a dungeon at the back of town and requires crossing mud with a specific item. After completing this mission and the subsequent cutscenes, you will be instructed to head to Harley. Make sure to actually go to Harley, as this is where the first trigger for recruiting Ashton occurs.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Upon arriving in Harley, approach the two men near the entrance of the town. They will mention a dragon in the Salva Mines, which triggers the opportunity to go there and begin the quest to recruit Ashton into your party.

Next, head to the Salva Mines. In the area where dragons previously blocked your progress on the left side of the mine, you will now be able to enter. Explore this area to find chests and encounter your new party member, Ashton. As you progress further into the dungeon, you will witness Ashton engaged in a battle with the dragon. Follow the dungeon until the end and a cutscene will play, officially adding Ashton to your party in Star Ocean The Second Story R!

Ensuring Ashton’s Permanent Membership

Although Ashton joins your party after the battle, he may not become an official member until you complete his side quest. At the end of this quest, a pop-up message will confirm his joining. It is advisable to finish his side quest before continuing with the main story. You can track his progress by checking the sub-event markers on the fast travel menu.

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