The Talos Principle 2 Pandora Statue Guide – All Pandora Puzzles And Stars

Hidden Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2: A Guide to Unlocking Secrets

When it comes to The Talos Principle 2, there are plenty of hidden puzzles that are not immediately evident. These puzzles revolve around the Pandora, Prometheus, and Sphinx statues scattered throughout each of the game’s 12 main areas. Solving these side puzzles will unlock additional secrets in the game, but they can prove challenging, with some being among the most difficult in the entire game.

In particular, the Pandora statues tend to be perplexing. To solve these puzzles, you need to connect a laser beam to the statue, often requiring you to think outside the typical puzzle room. Each solution will involve the use of tools from multiple rooms, as well as hidden objects within the environment.

Here is a comprehensive guide to solving every Pandora statue puzzle, allowing you to claim the stars and discover some of the biggest mysteries in The Talos Principle 2.

East 1: The Bridge Ring

The Pandora statue in East 1 is located to the right of the bridge ring, near the No. 8 puzzle room. This Pandora statue has a green laser receiver, so you will need a green laser beam to activate it. The good news is that there is a green beam nearby.

First, head to puzzle No. 8 and solve it to deactivate the forcefields in the area. You will need the crystal tripod, RGB Converter, and hexahedron cube. Connect the crystal to the red beam and place it in the center of the area to send the red beam towards the fan at the far end. Activate the fan by flipping the switch, then place the hexahedron on the deactivated fan and grab the RGB Converter. Connect the RGB Converter to the blue beam and the red crystal to turn it green.

With the RGB Converter in hand, connect it to the green receiver next to the fan. From the exterior wall of the area, you can spot Pandora. Connect the RGB Converter to the green receiver on Pandora’s box and place the RGB Converter on top of the cube. Flip the switch on the fan, causing the RGB Converter to rise up and complete the connections, solving the Pandora puzzle. Return to the statue to claim a Star.

East 2: Puzzle No. 7

In East 2, you will find the Pandora statue near puzzle No. 7, but you will start at puzzle No. 3. Use the RGB Converter to create a green beam and the Quantum Driller to access one of the colored lasers. Use the two crystal Connectors to send over the other colored laser.

Once you have the connections to the RGB Converter, look out the doorway you entered through and locate another Connector sticking out of the triangular archway. Connect the RGB Converter to this Connector, sending a green laser bouncing across the entire area. Follow the green laser back to Pandora and puzzle No. 8. From inside puzzle No. 8, look over the side wall to see the green laser hitting the Connector stuck in a rock nearby. Grab a Connector from inside the puzzle and use it to connect the green beam to the Pandora green receiver, completing the puzzle.

East 3: Near Puzzle No. 6 and 7

Pandora awaits you near the puzzle rooms No. 6 and 7 in East 3, requiring a green laser to solve. As you navigate this area, look up and you may notice a dotted line crossing overhead, indicating a series of unpowered Connectors. Following this line will provide a clue for where to begin.

Head to puzzle No. 3, where you will find an Invertor and an RGB Converter. Use the Invertor on the red laser emitter to create a blue laser and connect it to the RGB Converter. Then, connect the RGB Converter to the red emitter to create a green laser. Look over the wall near the right corner of the room to spot the Connector at the end of the dotted line. This will send a green laser back across the island. Follow the green line to Pandora and head to puzzle No. 6.

Inside puzzle No. 6, use a Connector to grab the green laser from the Connector at the end of the line, which stands on a tower, and bounce it to the Pandora statue.

North 3: Next to Puzzle No. 3

The Pandora statue in North 3 is located next to puzzle No. 3. Once again, you will need to bounce beams from other locations to this point. Pay attention to the RGB Converter on top of a tower to the left of the Pandora statue, as it will be crucial for creating the green beam.

Start at puzzle No. 2, located at the back of the Pandora statue. Solve this room first to have access to all the necessary tools. Use the fan to reach the cube on the ledge above it, then swap it for the Accumulator. Ride the fan back up to the ledge and connect the Accumulator to the blue beam, dropping it to take the charge. Pick it back up and aim it at the RGB Converter on the tower beyond the right corner of the puzzle room. Drop the Accumulator on the ledge, keeping the beam connected.

For the red beam, you will need higher ground. Go to puzzle No. 5 and swap an item for the Accumulator. Use it to capture the red beam and find the RGB Connector on the tower next to the red beam emitter. Make the connection.

Return to puzzle No. 3 and connect the green beam created by the RGB Converter to the Pandora statue. To hit your targets from this side, grab the cube and swap it for the Quantum Drill. Aim the Drill at the wall and pass the Connector through the hole. Run around to the other side, grab the Connector, and use it to target both the Pandora statue and the RGB Converter, completing the puzzle.

South 1: Near the Tetromino Bridge Ring

Leaving the transit hub, you will spot the Pandora statue in South 1 right beside the starting area, along the winding path near the tetromino bridge ring. You will also notice a dotted line connected to the statue, indicating the possibility of sending a green beam through nearby Connectors.

Start at puzzle No. 2 and complete it. Then, look off the side of the raised area to the north, to the right of the wooden bridge used to enter the puzzle. Below you, across the water, you will notice a wall where a Quantum Drill can make a hole. Create a hole to reveal a hidden green laser emitter. Grab a Connector and connect it with the green emitter, then look up to find another Connector on top of a rock spire. Bounce the green laser up to that Connector.

Next, go to puzzle No. 4, which is near No. 2 and slightly below it. Inside the puzzle, grab a Connector and look up towards No. 2 to…