F2P eShop Title ‘Omega Strikers’ Ends Development Just Months After Launch

Omega Strikers to Wrap Up Development in Next Update

Omega Strikers, the free-to-play online game, will be concluding its development after the release of its next update. Odyssey Interactive, the development team behind the game, has made this difficult decision in order to secure the future of the studio.

In a recent video update, Odyssey Interactive assured players that servers and matchmaking for Omega Strikers will remain active. The team also confirmed that balance updates will continue in the foreseeable future. Additionally, they plan to improve the custom games tool. However, there will be no further additions such as new strikers, passes, skins, or maps.

Players who have made purchases in Omega Strikers can expect their purchases to carry over as “premium currency” in the studio’s next game.

“This tears us up… the whole Odyssey team, it’s not something we ever wanted to say, and we know that it’s not something that you ever wanted to hear. We love this game, we love these characters and most of all we love this community that’s formed around them…and it hurts us to have to let you down, but for Odyssey to have a shot in the future, we need to take what we’ve learned from Omega Strikers and use it to build something new.”

Despite the lack of commercial success for Omega Strikers, the Odyssey team remains “super optimistic” about their future. They aim to channel everything they have learned from Omega Strikers into creating something “new and fresh.” While it is currently in the early stages of ideas and prototypes, the existing community will be the first to experience these new creations featuring familiar characters.

To learn more about the future of Omega Strikers, you can check out the detailed FAQ on the studio’s website and watch the video below: