Diablo 4 Season 3 Adds Weekly Challenge Dungeons, A New Endgame Activity

Diablo IV Reveals New Endgame Activity: The Gauntlet

Diablo IV Season 3 is introducing an exciting new challenge for players in the form of The Gauntlet, a weekly dungeon where participants can compete for top spots on the game’s leaderboards and earn exclusive cosmetic rewards. This mode is reminiscent of Diablo III’s Challenge Rifts but differs in that players will now bring their own characters and builds into the dungeon.

The Gauntlet will feature a “fixed seed linear dungeon” that all players will run each week to earn high scores. Speed and efficiency are key in this timed mode. Players will earn points by killing enemies and completing the dungeon quickly, which contribute to their overall score. However, loot will only drop at the end of The Gauntlet, not from defeated enemies along the way.

To emphasize efficiency, separate leaderboards will be maintained for each class, as well as for hardcore characters, solo runs, and group runs. Those who achieve top scores will be rewarded with Seals, special cosmetics that can be applied to character portrait frames to display their accomplishments. The Gauntlet leaderboards will reset every week, but the best players will have their scores recorded in the persistent Hall of Ancients leaderboard.

In order to participate in The Gauntlet, players need to have unlocked World Tier IV. There is no level requirement, although higher-level players with better gear will naturally have an advantage in completing the dungeon faster. Participants must earn a minimum score to appear on the leaderboards.

During BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard also announced Diablo IV’s first expansion, titled Vessel of Hatred, which is expected to release in late 2024. The expansion will take players back to an iconic Diablo II location and introduce a new class. Additional details about Diablo IV Season 3 have not been revealed, but it is scheduled to begin in January 2024. Players can also look forward to a limited-time holiday event and new items inspired by Season 1’s Malignant Powers.