How Did Mikasa Change Ymir Fritz’s Mind in Attack on Titan? Answered

After 10 long years, the Attack on Titan anime series has finally concluded, leaving fans with plenty of questions about the final events. In this article, we explore how Mikasa was able to influence Ymir’s decision in Attack on Titan.

Why Ymir Changed Her Mind and Stopped the Rumbling in Attack on Titan

To understand Ymir’s change of heart and her decision to stop the Rumbling in Attack on Titan, it’s important to recognize the parallel between her and Mikasa.

Ymir had been bound to King Fritz for 2,000 years, creating Titans against her will despite the mistreatment she endured. Many believed that King Fritz held some sort of mystical power over her, preventing her from breaking free from the control of the royal bloodline. However, the explanation is much simpler: Ymir remained loyal to King Fritz out of love and couldn’t bear to let him go.

In a similar vein, Mikasa has shown unwavering loyalty and devotion to Eren throughout the series. Her love for him often clouds her judgment, even after witnessing his acts of mass murder during the final season. Despite this, after her conversation with Eren outside the cabin, Mikasa realizes that she must end his life to stop the Rumbling. She also comes to the understanding that killing Eren does not mean she stops loving him. This is evident when we see her still holding onto his scarf years after his death, even after she marries someone else. Her love for Eren never wavers.

At the moment Mikasa deals the final blow to Eren, Ymir witnesses this and realizes that her love for King Fritz does not require her to remain under his control. Inspired by Mikasa’s actions, Ymir finally sets King Fritz free. As a result, she surrenders and allows the Hallucigenia parasite and the power of the Titans to be annihilated, putting an end to the Rumbling once and for all.

And there you have it: Mikasa’s influence on Ymir, leading to the ultimate change of heart in Attack on Titan. Don’t forget to visit Twinfinite for more information about the finale, including the identity of the child in the post-credits scene.

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