PlayStation Ending Twitter/X Integration Next Week

PlayStation Integration with X Ending Next Week

The integration between PlayStation and X (formerly known as Twitter) will be ending for PS5 and PS4 next week. This means that users will no longer be able to directly upload screenshots and video clips from the console to the social media site.

An announcement update on the PlayStation Support page states that on Monday, November 13, X integration will end. This includes the ability to view any content published on X on PS5/PS4, as well as the ability to post and view content, trophies, and other gameplay-related activities on X directly from PS5/PS4.

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While this may be disappointing for those who frequently utilize this feature, there are alternative methods available depending on the platform you are using. PS5 users can still use the PlayStation mobile app to upload gameplay captures and then post them on X. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. PS4 users will have to rely on ShareFactory and do a bit more work. Instructions for PS4 users can be found here.

Microsoft took a similar step in April when they disabled sharing to X directly from the console. They directed players to use the Xbox app on mobile instead, with some speculating that this decision was made to avoid paying the platform’s monthly API fee. As a result, the Switch will now be the only console that supports direct media sharing to X.

We would like to know your thoughts on the decision to end X integration. Did you regularly use this feature? Let us know in the comments!