Best factors in Star Ocean The Second Story R

Star Ocean The Second Story R has provided a thoroughly enjoyable gameplay experience, particularly due to the ability to create extremely powerful items. One of the main contributing factors to this is the use of factors, which can significantly enhance your in-game character. In this guide, we will outline the best factors to look out for in Star Ocean The Second Story R.

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The best factors in Star Ocean The Second Story R

Factors are bonuses that accompany the acquisition of a new weapon, armor piece, or accessory in the game. These bonuses can vary from simple stat increases to more complex effects that can positively impact your gameplay. When you come across a piece of equipment with a plus sign (+) next to it, it’s likely to have a factor that you’ll want to equip. However, some factors are better than others. Here’s our list of the best factors:

Screenshot: PC Invasion

  • ATK UP 20% (and other stat buffs like this, but ATK is always a nice increase)
  • War Cry –  ATK, DEF, HIT, AVD, and INT increase by 5% with each successive battle.
  • Rally/Super Rally – Revive at a certain threshold of HP when HP reaches 0.
  • Economizer – 15% chance of keeping items upon use.
  • Full Bonus – 120% bonus effects when the bonus gauge is full.
  • Temporary Measures – Recover 20% HP and MP with each successive battle.
  • Red/Blue Dragon (used in combination) – Converts 10% of symbology/physical damage taken to HP. Also converts the other damage type if paired with the other factor.
  • Narrow Escape – If reduced to 0 HP by an attack when HP is at 40% or more, survive with 1 HP
  • Back from the Brink – Become invincible for five seconds after revival.
  • All for one – Deal 5% more damage per number of party members (not including yourself).
  • Gathering Stars – ATK, DEF, HIT, AVD, and INT increase by 20% when there are three of the same factor.
  • CRT Energy – Critical hit restores 1% of your MP.
  • Full Reset – All negative statuses are removed after 10 seconds pass.

Some notes about the list of best factors

There may be rare variants of some of these factors, but I’ve been unable to find them after a long time using Blacksmith, as I haven’t unlocked the necessary materials to use Remaking yet because I’m not far enough into the game. But these are the best factors I’ve found in Star Ocean The Second Story R, and through doing some research online. 

Star Ocean The Second Story R is available for purchase on Steam.

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