Steam may soon let you hide specific games from your friends

Tired of having to explain your gaming choices when using Steam? Good news, Valve is reportedly developing a feature that will allow users to mark specific games as “private,” keeping them hidden from other users while maintaining a public profile.

Currently, Steam’s privacy settings only enable users to dictate broad categories such as game details, friends list, inventory, screenshots, and workshop items. However, according to SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik, Valve is preparing to add a ‘mark as private’ setting to individual titles, allowing users to hide specific games from the view of their friends. This means you can keep your unusual gaming choices, like Coquettish Elbow Reveal VR Edition or Disney Dreamlight Valley, discreet without hiding your entire profile.

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In addition, Djundik reports that Valve is also working on new parental controls for Steam, including family groups, daily playtime restrictions, and the ability for children to request purchases. There are also discussions about a redesigned store cart.

While all these features are exciting, it’s important to note that none of this has been officially confirmed and may not make it into a public build. However, if everything goes well, Steam users may soon have peace of mind when playing their favorite games, no matter how unusual they may be.