How to get Starmetal in Return to Moria

In the Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, Starmetal is a resource that you’ll need upon unlocking your first exciting Durin’s Guard armor piece or shield.

Its description says it can be found in the Angry Caverns, wherever that is.

Where are the Angry Caverns in Return to Moria?

When I saw that I needed to go to the Angry Caverns to find me some Starmetal in Return to Moria, I assumed that I’d be able to find it Dwarrodelf in the same manner as the Dark Mineshaft, or Darkest Deeps. But, like many resources in Return to Moria, your metal is in another castle.

The Angry Caverns are actually a location in Barazinbar, the fourth region in the game. The only way to get to this sacred place is to finally bypass the Shadow curse that the Dragon squatting in Khazad-dum inflicted upon the doorways. If you don’t wish to be spoiled of this process, skip on to the next step, which concerns your next moves after entering Barazinbar.

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To enter Barazinbar, and subsequently the Angry Caverns, you must forge the legendary Axe of Durin. If you’ve missed any fragments, then you must seek the five locked chests of ancient Dwarves. These chests are typically in a camp, or at least next to a Mapstone, and you can forge the key by getting the recipe from interacting with the chests. If you’re missing a fragment, return to one of the chests. Opening them will highlight a location of one of the fragments. You can then assemble all the fragments at the Great Forge of Durin in Dwarrodelf.

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So, you’re finally in Barazinbar. I was concerned, upon entering Barazinbar, that I’d have to look hard and far for Starmetal, and that I’d have to delve into deep caverns. However, Starmetal is simply like any other ore, and it’ll be staring you in the face in huge veins within the first 20 seconds of entering the place.

Although the description of Starmetal Ore says that it’s found in the Angry Caverns, on the map, the area that you’ll find Starmetal Ore is labeled as the Cruel Caradhras. These caverns are expansive, and you’ll find plenty of the stuff everywhere.

Smelting Starmetal In Return To Moria
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Upon getting Starmetal Ore, you can return to your base to smelt the stuff into glorious Starmetal Ingot. All it takes is 6 Starmetal Ore.

I hope this has helped, fellow Dwarf, and that you’ll be on your way to getting your hands on some Starmetal soon enough.

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