New Free Map Set in the Icy Marmolada Glacier Tunnels in WW1 Isonzo: White War

The latest free update for the WW1 FPS Isonzo introduces the White War and takes place primarily in a new map situated in and around the ‘Ice City’. This new map showcases the Marmolada Glacier, which features an extensive network of tunnels carved into the ice. This mountainous area comes with its own set of challenges, including the threat of avalanches and unforgiving weather conditions.

The initial phase of the battle starts on the mountainside amidst heavy snowfall, with Italian attackers needing to navigate carefully along narrow mountain trails or utilize small tunnels and gullies carved out from the rock. The main objective in this phase is to secure a single point atop a local peak, which promises intense fighting. The Austro-Hungarian defenders, on the other hand, will be emerging from the Ice City tunnels to contest the ground and defend their territory.

Once the first sector is under control, the battle transitions into the Ice City itself, characterized by narrow corridors and doorways where attackers and defenders must maneuver cautiously. Bridges can be sabotaged and destroyed, adding another layer of challenge for the troops. The interior of the glacier presents a unique and eerie setting for the combat, with both factions having to do without heavy support such as artillery and air bombardment due to the thick ice walls.

In addition to the new map, players can expect new weapons for all factions, as well as an optional cosmetic DLC pack called the Glacial Units Pack. This pack offers various clothing and accessory options that reflect the struggle of soldiers trying to keep warm in the frozen mountains. The developers have also hinted at the forthcoming addition of another new map, making the Ice City the first stage of the White War update.

Featuring a historically accurate selection of weapons, equipment, and perks, Isonzo offers players a chance to experience World War I era combat roles and tactics. The game emphasizes the importance of mastering the terrain and understanding the unique challenges posed by the mountainous settings of the Italian Front.