Remnant 2’s imminent The Awakened King expansion won’t require a second copy to play with a friend

Remnant 2’s The Awakened King Expansion Allows Players to Share with Friends

Remnant 2’s first expansion, The Awakened King, is right around the corner, and ahead of its release next Tuesday, 14th November, developer Gunfire Games has revealed a second copy of the DLC won’t be required to play it with a friend.

The Awakened King, to provide a bit of context, introduces a new storyline focusing on the Root-corrupted (and decidedly peeved) One True King. It’ll see players attempting to uncover his secrets by exploring the seaside town of the Forlorn Coast, a new area of Losomn containing dungeons and “unexpected allies”. It also adds news weapons and equipment, new enemies and bosses, plus the new Ritualist archetype.

It sounds like a good solid chunk of stuff for Remnant 2 fans to get stuck into, then, and Gunfire Games has now confirmed over on social media that players won’t need to own a copy of The Awakened King themselves in order to play through its storyline and visit its new location with a friend that’s already made a purchase.

Here’s a brisk look at The Awakened King’s new Ritualist archetype.

There are, understandably, a few caveats; while story content won’t require a purchase, using any acquired DLC items will. That means weapons, modifications, amulets, rings, and anything else unlocked via the expansion will remain off-limits until you reach into your wallet.

Still, it seems like a fun time in the old town will be had by all come The Awakened King’s arrival next Tuesday, 14th November. Even the ones that didn’t pay for it.