Will GTA 6 Be Crossplay And Feature Cross-Platform Support?

Will GTA 6 Have Cross Platform or Crossplay Support?

The recent reveal of GTA 6 by Rockstar Games has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation within the gaming community. With the confirmation of the first trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto installment, players are eager to know whether the game will feature cross-platform support.

Image Source – Rockstar Games on X.

Despite the lack of official statements from Rockstar Games, it is unlikely that GTA 6 will have crossplay, especially considering that its predecessor, GTA 5 Online, also did not feature cross-platform support. However, there is still a possibility that Rockstar Games could surprise players with this feature, but it remains purely speculative at this point.

If cross-platform support is included, it would allow players on different consoles to play together, which would significantly enhance the experience for many players. However, the ultimate decision lies with the developers.

According to a leak in September 2022, GTA VI will have a multiplayer mode, a development that was confirmed by Rockstar Games. This indicates that a sequel to GTA Online is likely in the future. However, the status of cross-platform support remains unknown for now.

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