How to find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards

One of the missions that gave me a lot of trouble in my recent Modern Warfare Zombies gameplay was Automated Backup. This mission requires you to get three Ammo Mod Circuit Boards and install them into Deadbolt Turrets.

Where to Find Ammo Mod Circuit Boards in Modern Warfare Zombies

I’m just gonna give you the sauce right up top. The reason this mission is very difficult is because you can’t exfil and store Ammo Mod Circuit Boards into your Stash. Also, the mission requires Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, not generic Circuit Boards which I, unfortunately, found a lot of.

The best place that I’ve found Ammo Mod Circuit Boards is in Infected Strongholds. Clearing these out can be challenging, especially if you’re going solo like I like to, but I almost always walk away with an Ammo Mod Circuit Board or two. You can learn how to clear Infected Strongholds by learning how to clear Aether Nests because they are basically the same. The only difference is Infected Strongholds are bigger.

How to Activate Deadbolt Turrets in Modern Warfare Zombies

Image: PC Invasion

Though you can complete the MWZ Automated Backup mission in one run, I recommend clearing one Infected Stronghold and taking any and all Ammo Mod Circuit Boards to a Deadbolt Turret. It’s one Ammo Mod Circuit Board per Deadbolt Turret, and each Circuit Board can only be used once.

After finding a Deadbolt Turret on your tac-map (look for the turret icon), drop one Ammo Mod Circuit Board into the device. Sit back and watch the turret mow down every zombie in the area with scary accuracy.

If you can do it in one run, go for it. To do that, you need three Ammo Mod Circuit Boards (remember, they can’t be standard Circuit Boards) and you need three different Deadbolt Turrets. I suppose you can use the same turret three times, but I would use three different turrets just to be safe. Also, remember, if you exfil with Ammo Mod Circuit Boards, they don’t get saved. They get turned into XP. So you can only do this within the same run.

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