Persona 3 Reload’s Tartarus Map & New Features Detailed

Atlus Explores the Expanded Dungeon of Persona 3 Reload

Recently, Atlus released a press statement detailing exciting updates to the sprawling dungeon known as Tartarus in the upcoming remake of Persona 3 Reload.

The Dark Hour is a mysterious and imperceptible time that exists between one day and the next. During this time, the labyrinth of Tartarus emerges, filled with Shadows awaiting battle. However, the new version of Persona 3 Reload promises a more exhilarating exploration of this tower with enhanced visuals and gameplay improvements, as mentioned in the press release.

In the new version, Tartarus is packed with breakable objects and locked treasure chests that yield a variety of rewards. Additionally, party members can scout for the route to the next floor after battles, though this means temporarily parting ways with the group. Rescuing missing individuals from the area also results in additional rewards.

Within Tartarus, players will encounter Monad Doors and Monad Passages, each guarded by challenging shadow enemies. The treasures behind these doors and passages hold powerful weapons, character costumes, and rare items. Furthermore, rare shadows that provide extra experience and gold can be found, distinguished by their shining gold design.

However, venturing too long on one floor of Tartarus poses a deadly risk due to the presence of The Reaper – a formidable enemy described by the release as nearly unbeatable.

Shuffle Time, a bonus round following battles, offers the chance to earn rewards such as Major Arcana cards, granting beneficial effects and Personas when selected. These cards may also carry special effects that last for the remainder of the day, like increased EXP gain or All-Out Attack damage.

Outside of battle, the main party’s navigator, Fuuka, possesses handy skills including Jamming to avoid detection, Shock Noise to distress enemies, and Sylphid Aura to buff all party members at the start of the next battle.

Release Date for Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Reload is scheduled for release on February 2, 2024, across multiple platforms including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This updated remake from Atlus features a new English voice cast and gameplay changes to modernize the original mechanics.