Best AR in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)

Assault Rifles, or ARs, are highly favored in Modern Warfare 3 for their deadly damage and impressive fire rates. Our build guide for the MTZ-556 showcases their versatility, but with so many AR-type weapons in MW3, it’s important to determine the best one to aim for.

When it comes to ARs in Modern Warfare, many are fairly balanced, but the M4 stands out as one top choice. The M4 is not only highly effective, but also one of the earliest guns to earn in the game. Its balanced nature allows for versatility in combat, making it a go-to weapon for all types of players.

To maximize the M4’s potential, engaging enemies from medium to close range is recommended. In MW3, assault rifles do not have a steep learning curve and the M4 epitomizes this, offering a perfect balance of high damage and reliable accuracy.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

As you progress in Modern Warfare 3, the M4 can be upgraded even further. While each weapon in the game comes with its own set of upgrades, the M4 truly shines in this aspect. With the addition of Aftermarket Parts, the M4 becomes even deadlier, solidifying its position as a long-term favorite.

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