Project Zomboid – How to Get Dirt

Rooftop farming is a clever and innovative approach in Project Zomboid, maximizing your base’s space while keeping zombies at bay.

While obtaining seeds and water is straightforward, acquiring dirt is a bit more complex than one might think.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of getting dirt in Project Zomboid.

How to Get Dirt in Project Zomboid

Unlike in real life, you can’t dig the ground and collect dirt with your bare hands in Project Zomboid.

Instead, you need to gather some tools to enable this function first.

The required tools are as follows:

  • Shovel or Trowel: either of these tools is required to till the soil and get the dirt. You can find them in sheds, crates, or warehouses.
  • Sack: a container that is used to store dirt after digging. Sacks can be commonly found in warehouses, garages, grocery stores, and tool stores. Besides, you can get Sacks by pouring out Sand Bags or Grave Bags.

It’s also worth noting that any type of Shovel can be used to get dirt in Project Zomboid, including Snow Shovels, Spade Shovels, and Regular Shovels.

First, make sure the Shovel or Trowel is in your inventory. Alternatively, you can equip it by right-clicking on it and selecting “Equip in Both Hands” (Shovel) or “Equip in Primary” (Trowel).

Go outside and find a safe area with ground and grass. The forests or grass biomes are ideal in this case.

Right-click on the ground and select “Take Some Dirt”, then move the green rectangle to the tile you want to dig and left-click on it.

The sack, after storing dirt, becomes a Dirt Bag. Each sack can contain up to 4 tiles of dirt. Moreover, you can only dig each ground tile once to obtain Dirt.

After getting dirt, you can use it by right-clicking on the ground, selecting “Pour Out Dirt”, and then choosing the tile you want to pour.

That’s how to get dirt in Project Zomboid.

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