All Glyph Gates and glyph codes for Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ), explained

For those playing Modern Warfare Zombies, you may have noticed the Glyph Gates scattered throughout the game. These gates connect to glyph codes and enable access to the Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal, allowing for fast travel in MWZ. Here’s what you need to know about the locations of Glyph Gates and the glyph codes required to use them.

All Glyph Gates locations in Modern Warfare Zombies

Image: PC Invasion

The Glyph Gates serve as gateways to the Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal, which is a one-way portal to specific locations in the game. First, you need to know where Glyph Gates are located to utilize the portal. Second, you must enter the correct glyph code to open a portal to the desired spot on the map.

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As of now, there are only two known Glyph Gate locations in Modern Warfare Zombies. These are in the men’s bathroom of Al Maher Rec Center in Zaravan Suburbs and the little barn behind the red doors in the east of Low Town. When additional Glyph Gate locations are discovered, this article will be updated.

To open a Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal, you need to know a glyph code. These codes act as coordinates for specific locations in Urzikstan. Additionally, the glyph spots on the Glyph Gate appear to change, so be attentive. Lastly, you’ll need to pay 1,000 Essence to use the portal.

What are all glyph codes in Modern Warfare Zombies?

Modern Warfare Zombies Zaravan Suburbs Glyph Gate Location
Image: PC Invasion

While I haven’t found any glyph codes in Modern Warfare Zombies myself, I have compiled research on other players’ discoveries. Glyph codes consist of three glyphs that, when entered correctly, open a Zero-Point Interdimensional Portal leading to the location corresponding to the glyph code.

Glyph codes are scattered throughout Urzikstan, but they’re elusive. They manifest as three glyphs that only become visible when you are near them, which is why players are still searching for them. Perhaps there is a secret glyph code combination that leads to a hidden level.

Modern Warfare Zombies Map Glyph Gate Locations
Image: PC Invasion

So far, the community has identified only two glyph codes. One is located in Seatown, in the southwest corner of Oldtown, a Threat Level Three area. The other is in Levin Resort, a Threat Level One location. Seatown is an ideal fast travel spot to reach a boss quickly, while Levin Resort is perfect for a speedy exfiltration.

The glyph codes for these locations are as follows: the upside-down triangle, or shark tooth, the zero with a dot on top, and the backwards three for Threat Zone Three Oltown Seatown, and shark tooth, zero with a circle on top, and hourglass for Levin Resort. As more Glyph Gates and glyph codes are discovered, this article will be updated. In the meantime, enjoy your adventure!

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