Loki Season 2, Episode 6 Review

This review of Loki Season 2, Episode 6 contains full spoilers, now available on Disney+.

Marvel Studios’ Most Contemplative and Consequential Chapter Yet

Watching the Marvel Studios logo unfold in reverse at the beginning of the Loki Season 2 finale is a fitting start to what becomes the most contemplative and consequential chapter in the Disney+ series. The episode serves as a crucial and reflective point for both the series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unlike the daft flavor most Marvel projects typically fall back on, the finale approaches the material with a level of sincerity and finality that hasn’t been seen in years. With a new twist of Loki’s powers, the episode navigates through key moments in the past and ultimately leads to a dramatic and life-altering decision for the character.

He Who Remains Comes Back in a More Subdued Mood

He Who Remains, portrayed by Jonathan Majors, returns in a more subdued mood after the chaos and action of the previous episodes. As characters like Sylvie and Loki navigate through a complex surge of determination and purpose, the episode explores the consequences and real stakes of their actions. The Season 1 finale saw Sylvie take drastic action that sent the Sacred Timeline unspooling into infinite branches, leading up to an impactful and crucial faceoff in the season’s conclusion.

Loki’s Big Life-altering Decision

After a thrilling climax in the previous episode, Loki finds himself in a position to make significant changes and fix the Sacred Timeline. Armed with the time-slipping powers, Loki embarks on a desperate attempt to undo previous events and prevent catastrophe. With a newfound intellect and wit, Loki takes on a pivotal role and navigates through the challenges that come with rewriting history and facing the endless expansion of dimensional branches.

Reflective and Transformative Season Finale

The conclusion of this season sets the stage for reflection and transformation, with Loki’s resilient efforts to fix the timeline revealing much about his growth and maturity. As the fate of the TVA and its residents hangs in the balance, the episode brings the series full circle, drawing parallels to its initial episode and highlighting the growth and evolution of the characters and storyline. Loki’s journey from a god of mischief to a character borne from change is a testament to his transformation and impact on the multiverse.

In conclusion, the finale of Loki Season 2 sets the stage for a transformative and reflective chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, showcasing the growth and evolution of its characters and storyline.